The Jim & Sam Show Listening Thread for January 2018

The new intro made it's official debut. They discussed the crazy couple in CA that chai ed their 13 kids to a bed, but still took them on vacation to Disneyland and Vegas. They also discussed the ridiculousness of the article accusing Aziz Ansari of "sexual misconduct."
Jim wasn't in because he's in St. Louis. Sam discussed the memo that is supposedly damaging to Democrats and the intelligence community.

More details are out about the House of Horrors family. The kids were only allowed to shower once per year and couldn't wash their hands above the wrist because the parents considered that "okay I g with the water." The kids were kept up all night and could only sleep during the day in order to keep them away from anyone else. For some reason, the parents let the kids keep journals, which was stupid because now those are evidence against them.

The Miz stopped by for a short visit, which was mostly spent harassing Sam for being too busy to book him. Peter Rosenberg had a nicer chair for the Miz when he was on his show. Sam will be working at the WWE Raw 25 special Monday night and Mix hopes he isn't too busy to talk to him then, too. He also pointed out how poorly dressed Sam was and said he looked like he just rolled out of bed.


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The Vos smashing by Jim and Bawby was pretty damn good.

Love when Vos fights back.


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Who's this Mrs. Chippah I keep seeing on Twitter associated with the show? She looks like Maria Bello but crazy sexy. Like looney tunes.