The Joe Schmo Show Season 3!


Scraping a dull blade across your tender eyeball
The first season of this show was one of the best things to happen to reality television years ago and now Spike TV has put out a third season, and judging by the first episode which premiered last night, this season should be funny.

In January 2012, Spike TV announced it had picked up a new ten-episode series titled Full Bounty, described as "a reality competition series featuring 12 aspiring bounty hunters who risk life and limb to chase down actual fugitives".

In August 2012, it was revealed that this announcement was in fact cover for a new season of The Joe Schmo Show titled The Joe Schmo Show: The Full Bounty, filmed in July 2012 and slated to air beginning on January 8, 2013. Ordered for ten episodes, the new program will see the return of the show's original host, Ralph Garman. J. Holland Moore, a writer on the previous seasons, takes over as head writer and executive producer. The format will feature a single contestant who believes he's in a competition to become a bounty hunter, with $100,000 at stake. As with previous versions of the program, the other 11 contestants will be actors, including for the first time, a big name, Lorenzo Lamas. A preview for the show's return recently posted to the web digitally blurs out the new "Schmo's" face and alters his voice, so as not to reveal his identity until the new series begins on-air promotion on Spike. The name of the Schmo was later revealed to be Chase Rogan, a 28-year-old native of Pennsylvania, who is a sports fanatic, operates his own business, and lives with his wife. For the third time out of three seasons of the program, the chosen Joe Schmo hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The series premieres at 10 P.M. eastern time with two episodes. Spike TV has made the first ten minutes of the premiere episode available through its website.

The cast once again features numerous reality show archetypes:
Hopefully Spike will replay the first episode next week, because there are a couple of good, uncomfortable laughs. I'm in lust with the supposed deaf chick:

It's that fucking kinky hair. DAMN.


Go back to your shanties.
If you still watch reality shows you are contributing to the detriment of television.