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Is it just me, or do all porn chicks on the radio sound/act exactly the same?
Porn chicks are "sex clowns"; they go on these shows and do the "typical porn chick thing" they have the same fucking "hot" stories that totally aren't. And the hosts always ask the same fucking questions. To Lexi Love's credit, she reacted properly when Lazlow started asking her the typical shit; she got a little annoyed. Good for her!


Talk softly and drive a big tank!
New Ep coming March 1st unsure if it's live on SXM. I'm sure Lazlow said ages ago he had worked out a deal with SXM to be on more regular...maybe it was him who got Davy the boot!


Talk softly and drive a big tank!
Wayne's on form in this one...some good stories


Talk softly and drive a big tank!

  • radiolazlowLazlow Show Big Wayne Tribute this Saturday night June 20th from 7-9pm Eastern. Please join us on OpieRadio - SiriusXM Channel 103 / 206 as we celebrate the life of Big Wayne, who was my cohost and friend for many years. Wayne passed away last November and we will gather together to pay tribute. Joining us will be some of his friends from the Queens days with more stories of setting cars on fire, running from the cops, and street corner shenanigans. If you have a request for a favorite Wayne bit please leave it in the comments. Thanks to @opieradio,@acumia, and @jimnorton for all their support over the years.
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