The List of Ron and Fez Show Recommendations


The 9/11 Moon Landings Were An Outside Job
There's a lot of things recommended by the show books, CDs, movies, etc. and I couldn't find a similar thread so I thought we should just finally make a thread with all the things they suggest. Whether it's an off hand comment or a discussion about things like best live album, it should go here.

Today 9/19/2007:

* The Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Reifenstahl (documentary about the director of Triumph of the Will)
* Triumph of the Will (classic propaganda film about Hitler)
The Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out version of the Midnight Rambler for my I-pod.


great idea liddy

Sucks you didnt think of this earlier since we missed SOOOOO many great recommendations in the 2 years they've been at xm

Slow Bollards

Bollards...sounds a bit rude, doesn't it?
Slaughterhouse Five by Vonnegut.

Great idea for a thread, ROnnies got really interesting tastes in all forms of art. It'll serve us all well to search out all the stuff that pleases our favorite genius on an aesthetic level.


On the Road - Jack Kerouac


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"Life on Mars" from British TV.

In addition to personal tastes, the show's non-ADD pacing is definitely not for everyone.


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I believe it was during the modern Art/abstract expressionism discussion this past week that Ron said he liked going to MOMA.
I wanted to start a new thread for this, but am going to use this one and maybe a mod or someone can create it for me.

A month or two ago, Ronnie B, as he said, became a jukebox hero at a R&F gathering. I was curious...was anyone there and if so, do they remember some of the picks? In the alternative, list some of your suggested jukebox songs to play at the bar.


within the last month or so
the opening song sounded pretty cool
then a caller mentioned it was Kings of Leon
said they were best band around
never heard of them before
bought thier latest cd
fuckin' love it
bought the one before it recently
not as good
but only listened to it once so far
highly recommend the newest one though


I am fucking pointless.
Kings of Leon is ill.

Thanks for making this thread, I've been waiting a long time for it...whenever I hear somethin outta Ronnie's mouth, Ill make sure I'll post it in here,


I am fucking pointless.
#19 ain't old.
You're fuckin' real.


I am fucking pointless.
Alright, you're a realist old bastid.
What the fuck do ya want from a drunk kid tryna respect some realism?


love the respect
think you're gonna be a fine citizen
wish we had more drunk kids like you
it don't make you a bad person


I am fucking pointless.
Listen man, I just wanna be drunk every second...
And I really wanna drink with you...someday man, someday.


slow down on the every second drunk shit
there's a time for everything
ya gotta find a way to make some money


I am fucking pointless.
I'll make money doing labor or something. I'm truly happy just being intoxicated.