TV The Manifest - 10 pm EST Mondays on NBC


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Basically, it is another sci fi show on NBC that with its long history of not being able to keep those shows past 1 season has dismal long-term prospects.

Anyhow, from the pilot episode, a plane of people get transported 5 years into the future for no apparent reason. There is a hot detective whose partner married in the interim. A kid who had a life threatening disease lucky enough to get one of the other passengers help him get enrolled in an experimental cure. Probably going to be LOST-esque.

It has the 4400 vibe with the passengers having subtle bursts of insight. It is only the first episode and I know from previous shows that the first season is just one long pilot. I'll watch subsequent episodes and see how the writers go from there.


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I enjoyed it. There are some interesting hooks.

Feels very NBC though.


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Meh. I'll check it. Just watched ep #1, and it was okay. Won't last past season 1, if it even gets that far, but no way s2 unless they veer wildly off course from the played out premise I just watched. It all felt "been there, done that".


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Haven't seen it. The premice is interesting so I will check it out