The Mini Band


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I just had to share this. It's a group of 8 & 10 year olds performing Metallica and GnR. They're almost as good as the real thing!




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How awesome. Seeing the little girl smile after the solo on sweet child was a beautiful thing as a parent.


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That girl shreds. Fuck, how good is she going to be in six years?


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when these kids actually develop muscular coordination, they'll be awesome.


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The weakest part of this group is the singer, and all he really needs is some voice control. These dudes are insane. I hope my kids (when I have them) can play instruments like this.

That little girl is outrageous! I've seen seasoned pros who aren't that good on their axes. If the lead singer can get some power in his voice (and if puberty doesn't fuck him up) these kids have some scary potential.