The Mummy Returns

Next Friday is the day when this movie comes out. I cant wait the first blockbuster of the summer. I remember when the Mummy came out i didnt want to see it but i went anyway and i ended up enjoying that movie it was great.
Anyone see or going to see it tonight give us the review tell us what you thought of it???


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Wackbag Staff
It looks like a cool movie. ;)

Yeah i heard its pretty good. I wonder how the Rock does in his first acting role.


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What did "The Rock" do???
He was The Scorpion King, he is also filming a movie right now based on the character he plays in this movie.
Okay, now this movie can suck me off, cuz it beat out Star Wars Episode 1 in first weekend totals... C'mon George Lucas, bring us Episode 2!


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Damn did it really? Holy shit. But I don't think it will make what episode made in the end. Episode 1 made 900 million dollars worldwide. I don't see the mummy coming close to that.


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From personal experience, people are desperate to see ANY movie that is even fairly good.