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The Next Best Thing on now is an impersonator show on ABC now. They have the Bono lookalike Pavel something who I believe is the same guy the boys had in with Brother Joe a few months ago and they did the 'stunt' of taking him out on the streets. The judges basically said the same thing as O&A. Looks like Bono, sounds nothing like him
Brother Joe's Bono on Bad Show

NBC's tragic show, The Next Best Thing, features people doing impressions ans they find someone who looks like some celeb. Think American Idol, that sucks more.

Well, Brother Joe's Bono was on (The guy they sent into the street to cause havick)

He was good but this show is f-ing horrible... The crap we watch when we don't have the boys on XM replay, eh?


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I am horribly embarrased to admit that I was watching this as well. It is a hack show, but Jeff Ross is good, and some of the contestants were pretty damn talented.

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Pavel visits the soldiers at Walter Reed

I was working at Walter Reed army hospital last Friday when I was walking through the lobby and I notced ol' Pavel dressed as Bono (ofcourse) singing to a small audience. I stuck around a few minutes to see if I could ask him about being on O@A.
To my surprise the crown grew and grew with everyone there believing it was Bono. I asked a few women near me who was singing. They said Bono, and didn't believe me when I told them who it was. His voice, 3 inch souled shoes made it obvious to me. He sang about 5 songs, including the Star Spangled Banner to roughly 100 people.
It was hilarious to see people getting their clothing signed and a few people were in the audience crying.

Here's an article about him wanting to go visit the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed.
Was that the same one that was on Maury? He had an episode of celeb look-alikes go out on the streets and get attention.