the O&A show for 7-12


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Oct 4, 2000
1st 10 mins part of the show they had teen 2 with the fake orgasms....

Also they have said today...Blind Boxing this is goin to be great

This is something great...Billboards all over Ny of O&A with huge wow signs this is something good for the boys.....

also they are playin the bit from last night with the whats in my pants when that man fooled them God this sux no more of it :(

some Horrible news Physco Mark became a tool all of a sudden...
He wants to sue WNEW...He has sent a lawyer to WNEW to get a list of bits.this has to be upmost bullshit...
O&A are so hurt...
1.the bits are 55 gallon drum challenge...(laugh In back ground)
2.Jay Mohr Fight- Pattys day-
This is so sad he wants all the outtakes that they have of his
also hot wax girl
spaz tomato he was not even here yet he was not workin...
Retarted lavern and shirley tirade
he was not even there at the time he was fired he just came to visit...
this is just bullshit with this man I cant even bealive this is happening...
I have a very funny feeling about this..
they cant even impersonate his voice upmost bullshit...Very sad day for O&A...
it was in the way for him to get back on the show and now he fucked it..
what a asshole he became.

More to come


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Aug 14, 2000
Rachel is the girl intern a Rick by-passed the usual steps to get her.

Psycho Mark is suing for 5 grand for most of the great old bits because you can hear him laughing and cursing in the background. :mad:


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Oct 7, 2000
It's was a great show all around today. I have to say Psycho Mark is crazy to pull something like this. This is going to affect His popularity among O & A fans. Why do it? It's not worth it for that money.

The guy who played "what's in my pants" sounded like a girl. He had the whole tri-state area fooled. Don't lie. I was sitting in my car and thinking definetely Wood floor. Hearing the replay today was classic. It was hard to laugh yesterday because of the shock. I laughed my balls off today. It was classic. :D
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