The O+A Tom Green "war" makes the front page of reddit


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Is this the same group of 4Chan folks that harass little kids and reveal their private info?

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reddit is a news aggregation site that some people treat like a golden community that donates to people in need.

Nothing to do with 4chan.

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Maybe 9GAG-esque, as well.

There are a lot of people in that thread talking about being "recovering" O&A listeners, as if they've been reborn and must now scoff at juvenile stuff. It's troubling to see these assholes taking something to task they don't even understand. The part where they're all blaming Tom Green is my favorite.

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I thought that was going to be a meatspin, did you even click the link in the OP?
Ha, I stink. I did but once I got to the reddit page I just read some comments and didn't click on the actual title. Someone had linked to that page within the topic so I thought it was an ADDITIONAL HAPPENING.

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I've had a reddit account for two years, but only started actually going there during the OWS thing.

I know what you mean - it was a horrible place. Everyone there gobbled that shit up. /r/PanicHistory is a good read - someone goes through and finds some of the most insane things that got support and turned out to be nothing and puts them in one shameful place.

Here is an example:

11/9/11 /r/occupywallstreet: "Will Corporations get the Right to Commit Genocide? (holy fuck you have got to be kidding me) - [8:05]" +143

I also want to say I think the tide is shifting in the Tom Green thread. I made a post in defense of Tom and O&A and it's gotten 8 times the support than it has negativity.


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The tom green war inspired me. I just nabbed my bosses name only gmail. I figure he is old rich and stupid, when he gets an android phone and freaks when he finds he needs a gmail account I can "hack" into gmail and get his name back for him.


You drab South Bend cocksuckers are all the same.
Finally, just where the hell is Twitter in all of this? When a user of your service is being subjected to an unwarranted and unprovoked assault upon his character, what recourse does he or she have with you guys?
Really, adult? Fucking really?

Reddit is a shithole of PC faggotry. Fuck them.
No one's supposed to have pictures of him!!
Fucking rebel, dog.......
Tom Green was a good guest but what's the deal with Kevin Smith and Jim's cryptic insider comments ? KS was great when he was in the studio and then never appeared again. Story anyone who knows ?