The Opie & Anthony Channel's Brackets, Brackets, Brackets! 2012


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The Opie & Anthony Channel's
Brackets, Brackets, Brackets!

"Your chance to win $1,000 and other great prizes could be a click and a bunch of college hoops picks away. Compete for prizes and compare your picks to hosts and staff of the Opie & Anthony Channel. Just check out the SiriusXM Bracket Challenge Game at; see the Official Rules, which mention how to join Opie & Anthony League (O&ABBB); and then register to enter and fill out a bracket. The password is “ropers”, and that site again, to enter is Good luck! "

!?'s bracket challenge



Cute but psycho, it all evens out.
Just did mine. Gotta be in it to win it!
I'm in. Should be fun (would be more fun if any of the staff had any idea, but oh well). G'luck all.


I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.
I hate college sports and I loath basketball.

That is all.

My opinion is important.

Lord Zero

Viciously Silly
What portion of that $1,000 do you actually get to keep?