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Well not everyday but he can walk in anytime he wants i think. Norton is funny as hell.


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Ya I asked him that about him being there everyday I thought some good news would come out of it meaning like Jackie the joke man like that he said no he can just walk in at any time he wants to the door is open for him
I think it is cool he is one talented person


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That's what the O & A show is. It's open to all guests. They don't have to make appointments. Jimmy "the jokeman" Norton is just hysterical and he loves being a part of the show whenever he gets a chance. If he can wake up for it. It's hard after a long night of tinkle drinking. Believe me I know......I mean.... :D

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I personally think Norton's visits should be limited to once a week or every other week. I also agree that he's funny as hell, some of the time he doesn't even talk!! He reads alot of the Instant Feedbacks and stays quiet....ok i did say sometimes!!lol
I posted this somewhere else but i can't remember if it was here or another board(s) but, I'll bet there a few people in Philly,Cleveland etc. that think he's part of the regular Jackass the Jokeman. Look how fast we all got sick of the Dice Man's daily calls..although that was some funny shit!


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I never got sick of Dice's calls. They were always hysterical. Either Dice had a funny day or the guys just lambasted him with sound clips or funny gags. Like that operator bit, where they kept tranferring Dice. Then they finally had Sandy pick up and say "Look what we did to you again." That was hysterical.

As for Norton I think it's fine that he's on the show as much s he is. For the same exact reason you said:

some of the time he doesn't even talk!! He reads alot of the Instant Feedbacks and stays quiet....ok i did say sometimes
He never over does it. He let's the guys do their thing and he sneaks in a one liner every once and awhile. I don't know why people get all bent out of shape about this. He's hysterical. Why not have him on as much as possible. How does it get old? If he is getting old than O & A are fossils. To me it's still the best show. O & A rule and Jim should come on the show whenever he can. It makes for hysterical radio. Just my opinion ofcourse. :D


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Godamn I so miss Dice callin he has not called in a while.... that guy rocks
also I do like Norton hangin out with the boys he is so funny when he is with them


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haha, interesting persective on the introduction of Norton to the show... brings back memories.


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whats goin on with resurrecting all these old threads?


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