TV The Passage (Fox)

The first season only has 10 episodes.
And too many people from the pilot episode in all 10 episodes per IMDB. No mention of any 100 AV cast members.

It felt like the pilot covered nearly half of the material of the present day from book 1. I still enjoy the book, particularly the audiobook (Scott Brick). It can be tediously slow at times but its still solid.


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Watching it now, not hating it. They condensed the origin story of the virus into the first 5 minutes, which wasn't a bad call. And I'm surprisingly not hating Mark Paul. Turns out Zack turned into a decent actor. Who knew?

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Watching PTI
A couple of big red flags right at the start:

1. Supposedly smart people doing incredibly stupid things to advance plot.
2. Long exposition given to people who obviously already know what's going on.

Straight up poorly done. I almost respect it because they didn't even attempt logical transitions.

"We know our viewers are idiots and we are going to treat them accordingly."


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I never claimed to have high standards in my televised entertainment.


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Watching it now, and it's disappointing.