The PennyRoyals

I'm such a groupie for this band, it's brandy-brand new.

download acoustic songs ((they're not an acoustic band)) at

And if the song "That Guy" doesn't get stuck in your head, there's something wrong with you.
Ok i will check it out but NiceShoes the drummer wont get pissed and take me to court for downloading his songs will he!!! Heh heh LOL that old gag!!!


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sounds cool I will look at it....

"Always Keep Your Mouth
Shut And Never Rat On Your Friends.
DTA Don't Trust Anyone (said By Stone Cold 3:16)
Just Say No To Marrige
I really don't care if you all hate me, I don't care that I'm not banned, or soon will be.

I'm just letting you know The Pennyroyals are going to be filming a music video for "Five More Minutes" sometime soon. Anyone intrested, follow instructions in the site. The Pennyroyals Official Web Site

Matt Pinfield has been spinning the boys on his late night show Sunday Nites on K-Rock from 10 P to 12 A. Vote for them if you like them, they really have things going for them, and they're a very talented, hot, young group of boys. And they're friends of mine. So, if you like them, support them, if not... I tried.

G'night folks.
Arright, no one hates me, and I just wanna keep it that way.

I just wanted to basically say hi and let you all know about the band... that's it.

I'm not wanting to start any trouble... it's farthest from my mind.

I just hope everyone's doing well.


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Hey nslb
Good to see a hun we are all doin well
Hope you are also..

Pennyroyals are a good band
I also check out My friends Band that sings Punk
The Lawndarts Pretty Kick ass music totaly rock :D


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How come Mat Pinfield never spun my band on K-Rock. Fuckin prick. I got on WSOU - like who can't?