The Portland & Seattle Thread

Here's how the CHUDs are dealt with in the Republican-governed city of Indianapolis.

So there are corner beggars in the hood down by the ghetto ass hopital.

And of course they're all hungry, disabled veterans who wish you God's blessings.

They mostly live under the bridge right there by the corners where they beg.

And here you see a coupla stupid fucking dogoodniks who deliver food to the CHUDs, because feeding the rats is a great way to solve the homeless problem. Fucking free Bum Door Dash.

So just to the right of the bridge there was a line of trees that were all overgrown and bushy, and the bums figured out they could crawl into the trees and camp out, and it was much more comfy than the hard concrete beds under the bridge, and they don't have trucks banging over their heads all night and day. But bums gotta bum, and so they started setting up tents under the trees, and then they started dragging pallets and crap they scrounged under the trees and they began building themselves little bum shacks, and then their mountains of garbage started piling up, because bums gonna bum.

But this ain't San Fran or Seattle.

See the line of overgrown trees and the bum shacks and the garbage piles?

No. No, you don't.

Because the city workers came, tossed all the bum piles and shack makins into a garbage truck, and then they cut all the trees down, and all that's left is stumps, because fuck those bums.

And now their little bum Rivendell is gone, and they're back under the bridge
Shadeland Ave... was the cross street MLK?

In the 2018 Streetview I see one buuum... but looks like a pile of garbage in that clump over in the right...

And looking at the other streetview picts over the years seemed to have started in 2016...
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Hog's Big Ben

Getting ass-***** in The Octagon, brother.
and the asterisk is a fig
That can't possibly be true. Something that significantly alters context like that would most definitely not be omitted from a news story.