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Not Portland but close enough...some lady on youtube posts vids of what a ghost town Evergreen State is. I wonder how long it can last before shutting down completely.


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Portland is seriously fucked up. Btw nice hair color choice. When does it all come to a head?

And the lefty talking heads say they're just excersizing their 1st amendment rights.
Oh illegal aliens that are targeted by these mean ole Federal Agents... you know the ones coming in with no back ground or health checks.

"We cannot pretend to be a sanctuary city while we have people being targeted by our federal government," Oregon Public Broadcasting quoted Hardesty as saying. As WW has previously reported, it appears Hardesty will probably have a majority of City Council favoring withdrawal.

Today, Cannon spoke to the concerns of Hardesty and other critics, such as the ACLU of Oregon, that the JTTF might use its resources to target people who are in the country illegally. He said that the memorandum of understanding the governs the PPB's participation in the JTTF "walls off" Portland officers from involvement in any immigration actions.


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This is not something you should be celebrating....

Check out these... sniqqer.... tax payers...

MOAR FREE SHIZNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #ORANGEMANBAD


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Annoying man on some express. What is the deal with the guy kneeling. Pretty eclectic group
Ummm K:

Basically Moonbat does Moonbat shit and gets corrrrrrrrrected... oh noes and he's bleck so the cop is fucked regardless. Why would anybody want to be on the PD in that city is beyond me...

Man killed by police officer in confrontation at Southeast Portland home

A Portland police officer fatally shot a man Sunday at a Southeast Portland home after the landlord reported a stranger who appeared to be homeless and suffering from a mental illness lying on a tenant’s door stoop.

An East Precinct Officer responded about 2 p.m. to a report of an “unwanted person” at the home in the 9600 block of Southeast Market Street, said police spokesman Sgt. Chris Burley. The man wouldn’t leave the property.

The officer requested backup, then soon reported “shots fired” and that he had discharged his gun and the man was injured, Burley said.

The man was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, where he was declared dead, Burley said.

He didn’t identify the man or the officer involved. The officer has been placed on administrative leave under standard police policy and will be identified within 24 hours, Burley said. Police will identify the dead man after an autopsy is completed and relatives are notified, he said.

No police or other residents were injured in the shooting, he said.

The owner of the property, Lidiya Omelchenko, said she called police when she saw a man in his mid- to-late-40s lying down in front of the house, which she leases. She didn’t recognize the man, she said, and thought he might live on the streets or was experiencing a mental health crisis.

Omelchenko waited for an officer to arrive, pointed to the man, then went into her nearby house.

“I thought I should call the police, they could help him, find him an apartment, a place to sleep,” she said.

About 10 minutes later, she heard a single “pop,” Omelchenko said.

When she came out, the man was being carried out of the house with a sheet over him, she said. An officer later told her that the man went into the house when the responding officer approached, Omelchenko said.

She said the man appeared to be African American.

Omlechenko expressed dismay at the man’s death.

Portland police have faced criticism in the last two years for officer shootings of black men, including Patrick Kimmons, 27, last year in downtown Portland and Quanice Hayes, 17, in Northeast Portland in 2017. Grand juries ruled both police shootings justified. The Police Bureau also is under a federal settlement reached after an U.S. Justice Department investigation found officers often used excessive force against people with mental illness.

On Sunday, Police Chief Danielle Outlaw and Mayor Ted Wheeler came to the scene of the shooting. Wheeler declined comment.

Outlaw later released a statement saying, “As with all officer-involved shootings, we are committed to a full investigation. A loss of life impacts us all and I know we all immediately search for answers. I ask for patience as we continue our investigative process and then release information as soon as it is appropriate.”

Police didn’t give further details of what prompted the shooting, how many times the man was shot or if he had any weapon.

It was the second fatal officer-involved shooting of the weekend in the metro area. Early Saturday, a Milwaukie man died after exchanging gunfire with Clackamas County sheriff’s deputies near Oak Grove Methodist Church.

In 2018, Portland police shot and killed three people and wounded two others in confrontations.

Police asked anyone with information about Sunday’s shooting to contact homicide Detective Erik Kammerer at 503-823-0762 or or Detective Mark Slater at 503-823-9319 or

Omlechenko expressed dismay at the man’s death. - Wonder what you would be saying after the guy broke into his house and picked up a knife and went all Stabby McStaberson on him....



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More of this unconstitutional shit.

More of this unconstitutional shit.

From the article:

Originally from Swaziland, Van Dyke said he has also lived in Haiti and Columbus, Ohio. He described a recent incident walking in Sellwood with three other men – one Latino, two White – where a woman followed them to a park and accused them of having been in her backyard staring in her windows. She told them they had scared her, he said, making him wonder why – if she was so afraid – she was following them rather than calling for help. - That's rayciss now? Oh and I guess just the wipo are rayciss right?

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And by "privileged white males" she means stinky homeless lunatics.

Shortly after Hardesty’s swearing-in on Jan. 2, 2019, the City Council meeting was forced into recess twice while Wheeler expelled people for disrupting the proceedings.

Cop watcher Eli Richey was excluded from council that day for interrupting and yelling.

Richey has frequently tangled with city officials. In 2017, a judge granted Police Chief Danielle Outlaw a stalking protective order against him after he filmed her while she was off-duty shopping at Safeway.

Activist David Kif Davis has also been disruptive at recent council meetings as well. Kif Davis films the council during his testimony and posts the videos to a YouTube channel.

“You remember Jeffrey Dahmer? He didn’t set out to kill so many people,” he said in testimony before the council on Jan. 2, 2019. “This is how politicians work. They drill a hole in the voters’ skull and pour in some false hope and make them a subservient zombie slave.

“You guys are all serial killers,” he concluded, shortly before the meeting was again called into recess.
Privileged white male, Eli Richey.

Master of white stinky homeless supremacy, David Kif.

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Before these idiots were sworn in, weren't they the ones yelling at the former councilors?
And by "privileged white males" she means stinky homeless lunatics.

Privileged white male, Eli Richey.

Master of white stinky homeless supremacy, David Kif.

Closed to campers... you mean drug addled shit machines? I really don't see those people digging proper latrines doing their business then covering up said business. Not to mention all the garbage.