The Purge


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Saw this trailer before Evil Dead. It looked pretty cool.

In the near future, the United States has become a utopia. Unemployment rates are at 1%, crime is at an all-time low, the economy is more stable than ever. This is because the U.S. government enacted a program called "The Purge", an annual 12-hour period on March 21 when all criminal activity, including murder, is legal. Emergency services are suspended. Hospitals are closed. Nothing is against the law. "The Purge" was created as a form of national catharsis, a chance for each American citizen to release their pent-up rage in hopes of keeping crime rates low for the rest of the year.

The movie centers around a single wealthy family whose house has been fortified to protect them from outsiders during one of these purges. The family, whose two children debate the morality of the purge and the views of their parents, begins the yearly routine of barricading their home before "The Purge" begins. During this hectic period, the son of the family lets a man screaming for help into their home. Now they must protect themselves from masked homicidal psychopaths hunting the man who took refuge in their home.



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Eh...concept is too odd to work without a huge suspension of disbelief.

Movies that tend to hypothesize alternate cultural norms have a high hurdle.

Ultimately the better concept is akin to The Lottery or other books in the same genre where one person is killed. I can't recall the title but there was a book where a society held a lottery system where random people were selected and for a set time lived like kings and celebrities until one night when they were legally allowed to be assaulted. That night everyone would hunt them down and butcher them as a form of release. The next day they'd pick a new person and so forth.


Looks better then most of the crapola they push. The gun grabbers would shit themselves on Purge Day, being all disarmed and what not.


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Apparently the director is a sheltered moron

America is the land of the "purge" while in England a guy walking down the street gets his head cut off and people mill about taking photos. A few countries over cars are regularly burnt and rioting continues for days on end.

Good commentary on how clueless you are about America, the Tea Party, and the NRA shitdick.
I'd go if one of the kids were Joffrey. As is, I won't... Plus I hate masks, they haunt me for months after.

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Did anyone see The Strangers? I liked that movie. It was like this except without that extra layer of it being legal for some reason.


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Not getting very good reviews. Too bad. It seems like an interesting premise, but just becomes a pretty run of the mill home invasion thriller.

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i remember this movie when it was called The Strangers.


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Seems like a hell of a stretch of a premise to basically get to Straw Dogs, huh?
This is why birth control was invented Ethan; had you practiced safe sex you wouldn't have raised the eventual cause of your demise. Shoot her about the face and neck dummy!