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I saw this on her site
Thanks for caring enough to check in here for the news. This is the truth behind our situation, and any other version that you may, or may not hear, will not be the truth.

We will no longer be at WNEW. The management has made a decision to move the line-up around and favor some lower-rated, less popular shows over ours. We were told the following by the General Manager, that our ratings are, again, and always have been strong. We've been the second best performing show on the station, after Opie and Anthony, and that we've been the "only other show that has worked" on the station outside of O & A, as well. That we've proven we can build an audience from nothing, not once, but twice and we've shown that our listeners will follow us, even to a more competitive time slot. However, other, for lack of a better word, "political" considerations are taking precedence over performance. A chain of events was set in motion a while ago, and for reasons having nothing to do with us, or our performance, we were to be the sacrificial lamb.

Frankly speaking, I was grateful the GM was at least being honest with us, instead of trying to concoct some bullsh** reason to justify their decision.

A lot of people are trying to contact Joel at to organize another Save the Chick campaign. As grateful as we were to you the last time for your massive outpouring of love and effort, we don't want to be saved.

Working at WNEW has been like building a house on a fault line. You never know when the earthquake will come and destroy your hard work. We'd rather put all efforts, yours and ours, to finding a new home for the show in New York. At that time, we hope you'll once again be part of our "family", and spread the word about the show.

Butch, Chuck and I have loved doing this show with you, and for you, everyday. You have been so responsive, funny, and loyal, and we thank you. We hope to be doing it again with you soon.

With love,
Leslie Gold


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It's suck having a heart. Now I feel bad. I hope they land a show on another station. I just hope they don't go after afternoon drive. IF they do they are screwed. If they don't I will try to give them a listen again. She's a sweet girl and I hope she gets to continue radio in new york. As well as Butch and Chuck. I hope they get what they want. If they go for mornings, I will support them.
Listen, I know some of you dig the chick, but, I'm glad to see her go. Good fucking riddance. The whining will stop. They think their show was better than Ron & Fez, Don & Mike ? NIGGA PLEEZE ! I'm no Don & Mike fan but D&M are absolutely fascinating compared to this bitch and those 2 salivating morons. Typical of the whining, she says, 'we were the second highest rated show after O&A'. Well the Caine show on GAY-ROCK is the second highest rated show after Imus,er Stern, so what the fuck does that mean ? When she enjoyed O&A's ratings, they were OK, but they were the enemy when she had to deal with her much deserved firing. If theyre so fucking scary talented, they'll have no problem taking that blockbuster hit elsewhere, then we will here the real whining about O&A, I'd like to hear these dillusional LOSERS let it all hang out. I hope they replace her with 'The Black Coalition Rock' show, with Earl and the Invisable Man. And another thing, this illusion that she was some hot looking honey, with amazing tits was wearing me down already, she was another half way decent, long in the tooth jew chick, Long Island is loaded with them but better. Fuck her. Fuck them. Goodbye Funny girl! :D
Fuck her!?! I didnt even listen to her show anyway.

This reply from IOHN was brought to by Smirnoff Ice, & Malibu Rum!!!

I wanna fuck Miss Jones.
Originally posted by Greaseman:
<STRONG>I told you all this was going to happen!!!!</STRONG>
You mean im gonna get to really fuck Miss Jones???


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I wont pull another shameless plug thongy but I put an artical on "My site" a week ago and was contacted by WNEW to pull it..... Needless to say I got scared and did....had second thoughts and told them they could kiss my ass and wrote another one bigger and better...You can say good riddance to the Chick but now you will get Don and Mike....... HAPPY NOW??? I know she is going to show up down the street and I hope she kicks DM's ass. They are in the big leagues now lets see what will happen...
Still hate the chicks show, BUT, these guys at NEW really are fucking morons. Why take her off to put her back on to take her off again THEN replace her with D&M ! We dont work in the radio biz and we know thats not going to work ! What does that mean to the rest of the lineup ? Anyone know yet ?
Is this the cryptic shit Ronnie has been alluding to ? If so, it's been in the works a long time. Even D&M have to know this is worthless, it is. Maybe not.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I think the chick people were probably so fucking annoying to the brass and everyone else, that they were their own undoing, not ratings. Anyone know anything?? NOTHING WORKS HERE..!!!
I found some answers on the NY RADIO MESSAGE BOARD, SHOWS YA WHAT I DIDNT KNOW !It all sounds real to me.
Looking rather dickish,
PS, Fuck her anyway, it'll be fun watching D&M 'suck the joint up', then crash. :D


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Ok I do like the Radio Chick...But I Stopped Listening about 3 months ago..I have no clue why but I did..All I can say about this I dont hate the radio chick I just lost interest in her show...It is sad what happend and I wish her all the best to gettin a new show soon..
Looks like Ron/Fez are on evenings. Maybe the D&M slot. I think thats pretty good, though I'll miss them in middays. Their brand of sickness is well accompanied by moon beams !
AND THE BEST PART, ANOTHER YEAR OF NEW 102.7 PROMOS!!! probably 10 every hour. :D
Ok thats good i can start listening to them again especially if its right after O&A at 7pm that would rock or even if they go back to there old slot of Latenights.
Fuck this, I ain't getting up at 9am to listen to her... Istopped getting up at 12pm to listen to R&F... *shrugs*
Originally posted by Ranma Saotome:
<STRONG>Fuck this, I ain't getting up at 9am to listen to her... Istopped getting up at 12pm to listen to R&F... *shrugs*</STRONG>
She was fired so you aint gonna hear her on at 9am anyway anymore.
R+F on after O+A = more AFRO shows. This is great for us, I turned off the station when D+M came on anyway. Let Don & Mike rot away in the midday spot, they suck anyway.
As far as the chick goes, I agree with FOFO,
I stopped listening months ago...same crap over and over...blah blah...
I think this could be good in the months to come. I'm sure R&F are psyched for the lead-in. ;)
Yeah im sure they are. They are most likely gonna get back alot of there fans who couldnt listen durning the midday like me and its just gonna be good for them.


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There is a rumor that D&M will take the Chick's & Ron and Fez's time slot and Ron and Fez will be moved to Nights 7-11 pm.

The Best Rumor:
The rumored reason that the chick was fired was to enable the Don and Mike show to take the Midday slot at WNEW. This is because there was a susposed gentleman's agreement with the management at WNEW(Ken Stevens & Jeremy Coleman A.K.A. The Gerbil and Beck) and Don and Mike that they would have D&M's show on live. BUT O&A did so well in the ratings(Only #1 show on WNEW)that they had to keep O&A on or look even stupider than before. So Don and Mike are rummored to move to Middays and Ron and Fez to Nights..

Possible Line Up:
Sports Guys: 6-10 am
Don & Mike: 10-3 pm :rolleyes:
Opie & Anthony: 3-7 pm
Ron & Fez: 7-11 pm :eek:
Love Line: 11-2 pm
Ron & Fez Repeats 2- 6 am

Check the Official Website for the line up next week:

IT is another 6 months of promos!!!
:eek: :rolleyes: :p
Fine by me. Lets all really enjoy watching D&M crash. Remember the nasty shit those 2 minimum talents threw at O&A, when they faked their walkoff a few months back.
Having the balls to compare their show to O&A's, calling them no talents, flavor of the month and telling them we'll see you back at the bottom.
ALL THE WHILE, making moves to get that middle aged borefest right into O&A's slot.
Management was also involved because D&M were told to hang in there.
ALL BEHIND O&A's BACK, presumably. 2, no talent back stabbing, hillbilly bitches.
And I only listened to them because O&A endorsed them in the beginning. Does anyone remember that ? Sometimes, I even enjoyed them, but when the shit was flying, the smell was everywhere. Enjoy their demise. :D :D :D


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Damn. So Don and Mike are going to be on for 5 hours. That is harsh.

Also I think that WNEW and the producers need to do a better job of getting big stars on these shows. Heres an example, just alittle sample, how I could just kill a man: Howard had Puffy on his show this week. He and Robin asked some brutal questions. If O & A had him on it would have been bedlam. That's what I want. I love the comedians that come on. But they need to start getting big stars on he show, so we can play "Serious questions only" with these rich fucks. :D


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Ok here's my 2 cents. If they put don and mike on before O & A does that mean I have to listen to that rotten whore Julie Slater that only plays stone temple pilots and the same 4 retro rock songs? I guess I'll be listening to news and wheather that repeats itself every 22 minutes over on 1010 wins. At least on 1010 they change every 22 minutes. Don & Mike in the afternoon slot will be the downfall of WNEW.
I hear ya, I can at least tolerate D&M, just couldnt handle the chick show, so I would float around the dial after enduring the end of imus,er Stern. We have some lousy radio here. Last week before I noticed, I listened to the John Gambling show!!! Because I ran from the chick and everything else sucks.
Yeah, the fall of D&M might make NEW the rock of Ny again.
I liked the Show, but thats me. They tried hard and the ratings were up . I just hope the station down the street doesnt put her up against Don and Mike. NY is the big time and as I hear all the DM call's come from Hicks. Hope they can make it live here in the big city. :)