The Range Report


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Jul 24, 2005

the Streif

Aug 25, 2002
In a hot tub having a snow ball fight.
Went today and took my HK P2000SK .357 sig and the USP 9mm. It's the first time shooting them since I had new Meprolight night sights put on the slides and also the first time shooting the USP since I converted the trigger over from DA/SA to the new Match-Light LEM hybrid trigger.

My shooting with the SK was pretty good and had no complaints with the gun itself, ammo however was a different story. Shot some WWB and had two squibs and a primer pocket blow out. Switched over to S&B and had no problems. I would post pics of the targets but I didn't think to get pics till I had switched over to the 9mm.

The new trigger system on the 9 is incredible. It's basically a Light LEM set up but with a few parts swapped out with HK's match hammer spring, match trigger nickle plated sear spring, match trigger return spring and the match trigger with the over-travel stop screw in it. About a 4 pound break with a 3/32" reset.

The results:

75 rounds @ 45':

I have the over-travel screw set right at the edge of not being able to fire the gun so it's not currently being used for SD, more of a fun range gun. If I ever do decide to use it for SD I will take the over-travel screw out.