The Roland and Uncle Nino Show


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So fucking funny. Watched it three times already. How do you embed videos here? TYIA



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The funniest line is Roland: "This guy looks like my girlfriend's tampon". LOLOLOOLLLOOL .......cause everyone knows he's gay.
As far as crazy uncles go, this guy wins:


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Thank you to the person who embedded this for me. Much appreciated. :action-sm


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Thank you to the person who embedded this for me. Much appreciated. :action-sm
No problem. Next time take the url and instead of putting it in tags push the filmstrip button ove... box that appears. That will embed the video.


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I'm drunk right now and watching this for the fourth time! This is one of my absolute favourites from Opie's You Tube collection!


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Another funny fucking clip of Uncle Nino, guest starring the great Bobby Lee.

ESD and Roland, two absolute and verified legends, going at it. Some amazing radio.

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Roland's unmitigated destruction of Jackie "Jokeman" Marlowe was well worth it all by itself.

Get the fuck outta here ....


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I fucking DESPISED Uncle Nino this time...he dominated a funny show with old, hack-ass jokes. I know that was the point, but...well, maybe the problem is he reminded me of a friend of mine. It's not novel if you already have someone like this in your life. lol