The Royal Rumble

Well the royal rumble is coming this january and ofcourse that means the 30 man battle royal to crown the #1 contender for thw WWF championship for Wrestlemania.

Well the 1st two enteries to be named are kane and the undertaker that doesnt mean they will be the 1st two in the ring. but they are the 1st two to put their names in the "hat"

since the wwf is trying to fill the mid card and main event look for some old and maybe new faces to pop up in the 30 man rumble.

Rumor is that mark henry might participate but he is still too overweight.

The Big Show but dont hold your breath he is still 40 pounds over the limit that the wwf set for him.

Shawn Michaels forget about it shawn is rumored to be coming back for atleast one last match since after wrestlemania in 98' and his flamboyent egotiscal attitude isnt gonna let him have shitty exit like at wrestlemania. So look for him to make a comeback at WM2001 for atleast a final proper "last match" probably against HHH.

But shawn may referee at the rumble.
Yeah the Rumble looks like its gonna be another good one this year but i got a feeling that somehow Austin or Rock are gonna win the Rumble and we will see them go head to head at Wrestlemania.

I also think i read somewhere that they where throwing the idea of a Rock/HBK match at WM2001 but Rock rufused cause he dosent like HBK. It said that HBK told Rock when he was a nobody that he wouldnt ever amount to anything in the WWF or something to that effect. Fuck Rock. He is good and all but i have heard he has one hell of an attitude behind the scenes.

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Is there gonna be a Half Time Heat this year at the Super Bowl?

running down Fn christmas trees on the streets of NY
the problem between rock and HBK is that shawn is upset that he had to work ofr years to get where he did and he did it with hard work and determination and putting his body on the line..thats why his career was so short and he feels that the rock is more of a media creation than a wrestler. That he has no real wrestling skills he is just a good talker.

But main event at wm has to be rock vs stone cold and the rock will come in as the champ.
The question is when is he gonna win the belt? Could he have a title match at the Royal Rumble this is gonna be fun to watch.

running down Fn christmas trees on the streets of NY
I love the rumble my favorite PPV of the year. Sucks that it does look like Austin will win. I miss the days when I wasn't such a Mark. When I actually thought that someone like Jeff Hardy or Buh Ba Ray Dudley could win, just cause I like them. I loved the classic rumble spots they have been showing. A moment that sticks out in my mind awas when Demolition were the first two in and actually fought eachother under the third guy came out.

Look for a lot of midcarders or curtain yankers to be in the Rumble. TAKA is sure to get hurt again this year. Remember Essa Rios, where has he been? Also look for Mideon to debut his new gimmick. Some sort of cowboy type thing. I don't think Mabel or Visera or whatever is still with the WWF but if he is he will be there and they will be saying he is a favorite because he is so big. What a joke that is. Look for the Dupps to possibly debut. Maybe even Shelton Benjamin will make his WWF PPV debut. Lots of nobodies getting there two minutes of fave. They get to walk that aisle.

As far as the surprise super stars there are a few I can think of, but Gonzo already mentioned them. Mark Henry is not over weight, he hit his target. His wrestling ability needed work so that is why he is still in OVW. I think he will be in the rumble. He will be one of those surprise guys. Sucky surprise. I think the Big Show will be there too. He is still overweight, but they wanted him to lose alot of weight. Down from 480 to like 360 is a lot to ask. Plus they love to have the big guy in the Rumble that all the little guys team up on and eliminate or try to eliminate. Hulk Hogan, not a chance. I don't know what his contract is exactly but I am sure he is still unable to compete anywhere else. Also with Bischoff coming back to power he will be staying in WCW. Scott Hall? Who knows. As of right now he is in jail. His bond was revoked and I am not sure when he is getting out. I heard that an image of Scott Hall was on a promotional poster or ad for the rumble and that is was a recent image too. That would be kewl, but I doubt it will happen.

The Rumble is a great event, but with the winner getting a title shot at Wrestlemania, it ruins the drama. Any internet mark knows who is gonna win or has a clue. There are only like four or five guys that could win. HHH won't win, and look for HBK to wrestle him at WMX7. Undertaker could, but won't win. Rock could, but won't cause he should be champ by WMX7. Kurt Angle could, but won't cause he will have a new storyline by then. That leaves Austin, which makes sense. Austin vs. the Rock is what the WWF wants. Well I will still watch. The Rumble is the kewlest idea in wreslting, but then again I am just another Mark.
i agree with deke as far as viscera goes you are right he has been released by the wwf. Big show at 360 i doubt he would look good 400 at the least.

I agree that it will probably be stone cold vs. rock at wm2001 and HBK vs. HHH since the ppv is taking place in texas the home state of both HBK and Stone Cold. But definetly you'll see people you havent seen in months show up at the rumble like essa rios and taka and others.

But scott hall no way i highly doubt it i know about those ad's but hall is in serious violation of his probation.

But who knows maybe austin wont win the rumble but there's two months between the rumble and wrestlemania so if he doesnt win the #1 spot at the rumble he will win it somehow along the way.

And the rock will definetly go in as champ look for him to turn heel real soon, i actually prefer the heel rock with his good night trailor park trash and it's not sing along with the rock dammit. But look for vince to start rebuilding the corporation.

January is the beggining to the road to wrestlemania so business should pick up after the silly season.
Hearing rumors of Rock vs. Angle at the Rumble. That would make the Rock champ, but I don't know how they would turn him heel though. The only way would be for Vince or Steph to turn on Angle and help the Rock, but then Angle would lose all his heat. I have heard that Vince might reform a cooperation group again, but I also heard that Vince and Steph might split. Hearing that a split with T&A might happen. With Albert going with Trish and Vince and Test going with Steph. Then again that doesn't really make sense Test and Steph again? Hell who knows, but we will just wait and see. I know I will watch, but then again I am just another Mark

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well the other rumor is having austin go heel but the problem with that is austin is not really a heel or a baby face he's a mix of the two. I mean austin can stunn the rock in the middle of the ring and the crowd will still cheer for him.

Yet the rock giving stone cold a rock bottom will piss the people off and rock is a better heel than austin. One of them has to be heel.
There has always been rumors of Austin going heel and joining Mcmahon but i dont think that would work i agree with you gonzo. I want to see the Big Show back in the WWF he is good.

running down Fn christmas trees on the streets of NY