The Steve Wilkos Show


...when McCainia runs wild on you!!!!
after his appearance on o&a today, i decided to check it out. today was "devil mom" where he was in prison interviewing some hag that was busted in a sting as she brought her 7 year old daughter to a hotel along with "various adult toys" so the girl could be used in kiddie porn. the sick bitch admitted to performing oral sex on her daughter at one point during an online chat with an uncover agent posing as a smut peddler.

the whore kept saying how "she didn't do anything wrong" and "the cops set her up", even when steve was giving her a verbal r@p1ng to the point he was red-faced with veins popping on his forehead.

i was rooting for him to smash her in her stupid face, which he probably would have done had it not been for the cameras and the C.O. behind him

can't wait for him to destroy some "out of control teens"