The two hr telethon


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Dayem was that depressing. that wasnt a telethon that was a Dark Musical. To me all the gospell was ok but too much the highlitr was DONT BACK DOWN Tom Petty. Neil Young singing a Lennon tune and who was manning the phones. Although it was for a great cause it still was dark and depressing. to me that is.
I agree DH, very depressing . I thought Petty was excellent. Also Stevie Wonder was really great. I guess it wasn't supposed to be "entertainment" as such, but uplifting in a telethong sort of way. I hope they raised a lot of $$ for the effort.


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It is good to see that they raised more than 140 million dollars for the people in trouble.


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Yes that was great. The telethon was grusom.
But on a better note at least we didnt have to see Jerry Lewis's fat ass on it.