The World is a Dark and Lonely Place

A giant FU to who I thought was my friend Andrew who stole the girl I wanted. After I asked you, ya retarded asswipe, to lay off out of respect and you didn't! You knew that I liked her for a very long time... And now, I swear if I ever see you, you're dead!

Next convention I'm going to and I'm single, there will be NO c-blockers there!


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Dude.. next time your "telling" your friend to lay off, punch him in the face. I did, and I'm still with the girl AND friends with the guy. If you're such good friends he'll understand. It really works.
Next time you want to make sure your friend doesnt try to steal a girl you want just tell the girl he has AIDS. Heh heh LOL thats not funny :) :) :)
He's a bigger perv than Anthony!! Don't woory, I got something planned...
Just hook him up with that skinny bitch from TLC Lefteye she looks like a 12 year old boy.
That's an insult to Left Eye. I got her phone number... As soon as I call her... to quote Drowning Pool...