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Today is Wednesday. For all those women who listen to 102.7 New York's Opie and Anthony Show, (it is syndicated across the country), Wednesday's have become to be known as Whip em Out Wednesday (WOW). How to participate in this is to flash your breasts to anybody with a WOW bumper sticker or sign in their car.

This was a great promotional idea up until they began distributing stickers to the ugliest of men around! Any man who has to stick a sticker in their car, and pray that somebody flashes them, is gross. What's the matter...can't get any at home?

For all those women who are bored and disgusted with this on. I am encouraging all you to participate in WOW by whipping out your middle finger. Whip out your middle finger not only on Wednesdays, but everyday of the week.

WOW guys are gross...lets show them how gross they are...whip out your middle finger!

Forward on to all men and women. When men see that we think they are UGLY and the only thing they are going to get is the middle finger, Opie and Anthony will have to come up with some other promotional idea that is not degrading to women.

Thank you for listening!

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hey i'm not ugly heres my pic... now show me your boobs!!!!