Thieves Steal Picasso Painting in Brazil


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Thieves Steal Picasso Painting in Brazil

Posted: 2007-12-20 19:53:24
SAO PAULO, Brazil (Dec. 20) - Thieves broke into the Sao Paulo Museum of Art and made off with paintings by Pablo Picasso and Candido Portinari in a brazen heist Thursday morning that lasted just three minutes as recorded by security cameras.

They stole Picasso's "Portrait of Suzanne Bloch," which he painted in 1904 during his Blue Period and is among the most valuable pieces in the museum's collection, said museum spokesman Eduardo Cosomano.

They also took "O Lavrador de Cafe" by Portinari, a major Brazilian artist.

The thieves used a hydraulic car jack to pry their way past the pull-down metal gate that protects the museum's front entrance. Then, they smashed through two glass doors, probably using a crow bar, to get to the paintings on the second floor, police said.

"This is a highly professional job, done by people who knew exactly what they were doing," said the lead Sao Paulo police investigator on the case, Marcos Gomes de Moura.

"Everything indicates they were sent to do it by some wealthy art lover for his own collection - someone who, although wealthy, was not rich enough to buy the paintings," Moura added.


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Lets jack.....crow bar......ya sounds like some real pros. Heres what really happened hours before at the local pub....

Pablo: You couldnt break into your own house!
Juan: Fuck You! Ill break in there and grab that shit you watch!
Fernando: Sure you will.
Pablo: $20 pesos says you wont do it.
Juan: The fuck I wont! Grab the jack out of my Escort.
Fernando: Ill get the crowbar.

Smash and grab.


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Instant millionaires. That'll get them a fortune on the black market.


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There is something kind of badass about an art heist.


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Pablo: ¡Usted couldnt se rompe en su propia casa!
Juan: ¡¡vete a Tomar por culo! robo de Mal allí y agarrón lo que caga usted mira!
Fernando: Seguro usted va a.
Pablo: los pesos de 20 dólares dicen que usted costumbre lo hace.
Juan: ¡joder yo costumbre! Agarre el gato de mi Escolta.
Fernando: el Mal consigue la palanca.
Fixed it for ya!


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Art thieves just seem so highbrow and cool, like Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair.


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They may have better hookers than us down there, but certainly not security. A museum that only has a roll-up warehouse door and some glass between that much value and the outside?