Things that are Supposed to Exist Today


Go back to your shanties.
And go.

Flying cars
World peace
Legal weed
Space ships
Extra terrestrial immigrants.


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robots that do everything for us.


The 9/11 Moon Landings Were An Outside Job
We were really close to transporters in the 1980s but they never could figure out the recombinant DNA problem. They'd also need to make it smaller unless you want every office building to have one transporter room filled with every employee's individual transporter. I guess every transporter could have its own code so there only needs to be one per office, you just dial in the number, and you get to go to there, but only one person could use it at a time because if it happened in two places simultaneously...jeepers. You could turn it off so that people can't get into there after closing time. What would be scary, though, is if you try to sync up so that you enter the place right before the transporter shuts off and because it's not operational, you're kind of stuck in limbo until it's turned on again, which would easy be like sleep or it could cause madness. I guess you could bounce back to your original place, but what if someone shut that one off simultaneously? Maybe you could make it so that the one you go into won't turn off unless it receives confirmation that you arrived at your destination safely.
holographic chicks that fuck like real chicks but are less annoying
I think the problem is, you covered all the good ones in your OP. Stop bogarting all the material!

Oh, and sex robots.


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Holographic displays that don't rely on any framework or surface to project on, just cohesive light projected into the space in front of the operator.

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I don't think there was ever any widespread belief that we would have teleporters or time travel by 2010. "Space Ships" is on the money. When we got men to the moon by the 1960s everyone truely believed we would have bases on the moon and manned travel to the planets by now. The technology is there but not the economic impetus.

The problem with predicting the future is that prognosticators don't know what new technologies will arise, so they just extrapolate from what currently exists. So in say 1900 "future travel" meant gigantic atom-powered zepplins.

That said, how bout
Human cloning
Cold fusion
Effective solar power
Flying cars always seemed funny to me. Most people can't drive as things are now, can you imagine the issues/accidents that would arise with flying cars? Total clusterfuck.

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A cure for tick borne illnesses. Or at the very least the same treatment our pets get for lyme disease.
XM radio in every home and car, and Howard Stern enjoying his retirement.