Thinking of replacing my shitty old stockade fencing...

Whoever thought painting it red when the house has light blue siding must have smoked some good weed in the 70's...

Couple of questions.... is it worth getting a new survey of my property boundaries (60x100 lot in North Wantagh) staked before I get some prices?

Should I bother trying to share the cost with the two neighbors who will be getting a new fence as well? (one side of my property already has a newer PVC fence before I bought the house)


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Yes - Always get your property surveyed before putting a fence in. If your contractor fucks up by even an inch and one of your neighbors catches it you'll be glad you had the survey prior to the estimate.

You can let your neighbors know what you're doing, but unless they are going to fence/re-fence their yard they're not going to help you foot the bill. If the other one is looking to fence/refence their remaining sides you may be able to get a discount from the contractor. I got an estimate for drainage and my neighbor wanted some work done in another section of his yard and the guy knocked $300 off my estimate since he brought the equipment out once and got two jobs out of it.


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Check for permanent markers if you don't see any you might wanna think about doing it. My guess is it would be a lot cheaper to pay for a survey than it would to move the fence if one of your neighbors sells their house and the new owners have an issue.

As far as cost sharing - are you friends with them? Are they thinking of getting a fence too? You are improving your property, you are choosing the fence style, material, etc. They may be getting a benefit, but its still your fence.

If you are friendly with them i would let them know what you plan on doing and perhaps give them the name of the place you will be getting the fence from if they want to match it up for the rest of their yard. Who knows, they may offer to do some kind of split, but i wouldn't expect fact i think i would be pretty pissed if a neighbor said to me that they were putting up a new fence and asked me to chip in.

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I an getting my one side surveyed. My neighbor is a cunt and has a shitty chain link fence. I am hoping I get to make him move it. It's been there forever and I bet he didn't get a survey.

I want to put vinyl down that side so I never have to see him again.
Hopefully there are benchmarks (those brass plate things) our property is like marked by things like Oak stump etc...


at my last house i had a 6' PVC fence put up around my back yard. i can tell you that your best bet is to stay at least a foot inside your property line when you put your fence up....that way if there is ever any problem with a cunt of a neighbor there technically can't and won't be any problems.

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You neighbor might not share the cost of the fence, but you might be able to get him to share the cost of the survey. Since no reputable surveyor would survey just one line of your property, and in most cases he'll have a pretty good idea of where everyone else's lines are when he's done, it wouldn't be much more cost to do you neighbor's lot as well. Depending on how your parcels are laid out, he will typically end up surveying some the neighbor's lots anyway. If someone wants us to a few lots as part of one job, we usually offer discounted pricing, making it cheaper for everyone.