This clip would bug Anthony - Girl crashes a 1967 Shelby Cobra...similar colors too


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She could barely get it out of the parking lot!!!! The dude is an assfuck for not stopping her at that point.

"Yep, she did it, I knew it, I knew it."


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Fucking dumb cunt. If the guy "knew" she would crash it, why the fuck did he let her drive it?


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Amazing how calm that fuckhead was when she wrecked it. . . must be a God-damned rich cunt.


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must be a kit, no one with a real one would let someone like that take out a real one. if you look real close towards the end of the vid you can see the front end seems to be fiberglass and I believe the originals were metal.


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What a dumbass. Sure it's a kit car but it was a nice piece.
He should have never let her leave the parking lot.


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Yeah, even the kits aren't cheap, but it's not like it's irreplaceable. I wonder if she was covered on his insurance plan.


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Yeah I'm sorry that clip did nothing but make me laugh


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hahahaha, stupid f-in hole.

i looooove the "i knew it..."

has to be a kit.

dudes a dip-shit regardless, as soon as she had that much trouble backing up, he shouldda been dragin her ass outtta the seat, by her hair saying "no f-in way, not even maybe.... OUT!"

his fault + kit car = laughable.


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It would be even more laughable if the lawyer for the person in the white car went after the guy in addition to the driver because he said he knew it was going to be a problem and didn't stop it.
When does a figure of speech turn into an admission of responsibility?


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that is a kit, you can see the cracked fiber glass. A real A/C Cobra has an aluminum body.