this game eats time up like nothing

I was just playing this earlier today. After maybe an hour and a half I stopped at "get 20,000 points" in the majors. I got 18k one try but got sick of it. It is most definitely frustrating.


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played the first one, this one's worse. back to back homeruns in LL... fuck you. And fuck those little bastards for having jetpacks!

This game makes me want to punch babies.
Level 6 is going to force me to break something:mad4:


That's very hurtful, sir.
How the fuck do you hit 10 in a row in the first level? Holy shit....


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How the fuck do you hit 10 in a row in the first level? Holy shit....
That's where I'm at now. its seems like it's the same pitches every time and I still can't hit it. dam, and I have shit to do today


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A pox on you.

Stuck at level 9 in the Majors. 20,000 points my ass.

I did have to go back & play level 3 in Sandlot a bunch of times to pad my HR numbers. Silly power.


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I can't even hit back-to-back dingers. I suck.


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I played it for about 2 hours, but I finished:


(Level 9 - Score 20000 points nearly kicked my ass.)

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i beat level 9 also get a homer last at bat u countinue until u dont hit anymore like bowling

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WTF? I've hit like 5 home runs in level one andd level two won't fucking unlock!!