This is the right thread. There is nothing "cool" about this video.


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What the fuck is wrong with black people? Bonus points if you make it to the end.


You want all that shit THEN FUCKING PAY FOR IT!!!!!!!!! This is textbook definition of a fucking ****** and shut up stellar I don't want to hear your excuses.

Anthony may have mentioned this. I found it through his Youtube channel.


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is this woman drunk


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27 seconds.

No bonus points for me.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
i made it 2minuets 15 seconds, that is the EXACT reason i no longer work retail and when people start to yell at me i walk away


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Silly schwoggies. They'll never learn.

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I made it to 1:25. Fuck that noise. If I walked in while that was happening, that store would lose my business for a long time.


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Um, no link.


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I made it to the end. meh


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If I hadn't heard plenty of white people rant and rave with pretty much the same exact shit she is saying I would be more outraged.

Other than the part about bringing crack in.
If her mother was 104 she couldn't possibly have been a slave. Especially since she probably had this fat bitch when she was 14.


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What was the problem? She didn't want to pay for water?

Bottled water costing money is racist, yall.


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Ig'nant Naggers are ig'nant


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The Jews were slaves also and now they're all rich... Stop using slavery as an excuse


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What was the problem? She didn't want to pay for water?

Bottled water costing money is racist, yall.
I think it was a plastic cup that you can see towards the end.

I love how she uses the old racist argument of going back to your home.

That and the fact that even though they're all in America, the store owners aren't African American despite the fact that their parents were born in Africa.
Wait, what?

REPARATIONS. Feh, Penn&Teller went into that subject and handled it quite well.


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I made it all the way..

To her credit she didn't start dropping f bombs until the people taking the video did.

Only Africans that were brought here against their will and raised in the generations from slavery can be considered african americans.

She kept saying how the black community doesn't own the stores in their own community. You know what the black communtity owns in every black community in America? Almost exclusively? She said it.. crack. They may not have invented it but they sure did corner the market on that shit. Then they sold it to every black person they could find. And they controlled their trade by viiolence in their own community.