This is too effing much...PART 2 !!!

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I swear to god this is some crazy shit that kids arelike that... god damn cant people be themselves...those are the type of people that are white and they say they are not... what the fuck is up with that shit... God I hate stupid people shoot those kids please for the love of god shoot them please :rolleyes:


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Don't worry. Me and my peeps will come and take those mf-ers down to a level that only midgets understand. :eek: :eek: :eek:
i was looking thru their guest book, and realized something. Everytime they get a insylt, they replace it with a AD for their new Rap Single. Then i realized something else.. THEY ADVERISE THEIR SINGLE FOR MORE THAN 800 PAGES !!!!!!!!!
Is it worth going onto Napster to get it? I'm not a big rap fan...
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