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Founder: Worker killed by lion was female intern

By GOSIA WOZNIACKA and TRACIE CONE | Associated Press – 10 mins ago

DUNLAP, Calif. (AP) — A female intern-volunteer was killed Wednesday by a lion at a private wild animal park in Central California, and state and local authorities were trying to determine what might have caused the fatal attack.

Cat Haven founder and executive director Dale Anderson was crying as he read a one-sentence statement about the fatal mauling at the exotic animal zoo he has operated since 1993.

The 26-year-old intern was attacked and killed when she entered the lion's enclosure, Anderson said, but he refused to answer questions or provide more details.

Sheriff's deputies responding to an emergency call from Cat Haven, in the Sierra Nevada foothills about 45 miles east of Fresno, found the woman severely injured and still lying inside the enclosure with the lion nearby, Fresno County sheriff's Lt. Bob Miller said.

Another park worker had unsuccessfully tried luring the lion away and into a separate pen, so deputies shot and killed it so they could reach the wounded woman, who died at the scene, Miller said.

Investigators were trying to determine why the intern was inside the enclosure and what might have provoked the attack, sheriff's Sgt. Greg Collins said. The facility is normally closed on Wednesdays, and only one other worker was there when the mauling happened, Collins said.

The male African lion, a 4-year-old male named Couscous, had been raised at Cat Haven since it was a cub, said Tanya Osegueda, a spokeswoman for Project Survival, the nonprofit that operates the animal park. Osegueda did not know how the park acquired the cub.

Cat Haven is a 100-acre facility just west of Kings Canyon National Park. Since the property opened in 1993, it has housed numerous big cats, including tigers, leopards and other exotic species. It is permitted to house exotic animals by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and is regulated as a zoo by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Results of the last 13 inspections by the Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service show no violations dating back to March 2010. The most recent inspection was Feb. 4, USDA records show.

Despite state regulations that require annual inspections, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife most recently inspected the facility in January 2011.

"We have to do the best we can with the resources we're provided," said department spokeswoman Jordan Traverso.

The inspector's written comments were "facility in good condition." The inspector checked gates, enclosures, water supplies, drainage, cleanliness, ventilation and the general health of the animals.

Department spokeswoman Janice Mackey said she was unaware if any state regulations would prohibit an employee from entering an exotic animal's enclosure.

She said each species is identified on the permit, and the animals must be used for scientific or educational purposes only.

"We don't allow them to be used as pets," Mackey said.

Actress Tippi Hedren, who founded the Shambala Preserve in Southern California, home to 53 seized or abandoned exotic pets, expressed dismay over the killing of the lion.

"It wasn't the lion's fault. It's the human's fault always. I've got 40 years behind me. I know what I'm talking about," Hedren said.

A movie was made at Shambala several years ago and several people were injured. "Two were nearly killed," she said.

"Lions are one of the four most dangerous animals in the world. There is nothing you can do. When they get a thought pattern, there is nothing short of a bullet to the brain that will stop them," Hedren said.

Nicole Paquette, vice president of the Human Society of the United States, voiced similar concerns.

"She should have never been in the enclosure with him," Paquette said of the victim. "These are big cats that are extremely dangerous, and they placed a volunteer in the actual cage with a wild animal. That should have never happened."

Officials at another big cat sanctuary, Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Fla., told The Associated Press last year that at least 21 people, including five children, have been killed and 246 mauled by exotic cats since 1990. Over that period, 254 cats escaped and 143 were killed.

Tatiana, a tiger at the San Francisco Zoo, was killed by police after jumping out of its enclosure and fatally mauling a 17-year-old boy and injuring two other people in 2007.

Cat Haven has housed Bengal tigers, Siberian lynx, caracals, jaguars and leopards of various types as well as bobcats native to the area. Anderson described the private zoo several years ago as one of a handful of facilities across the U.S. that has all of the big cat species in one place.

The facility's website says it promotes conservation and preservation of wild cats in their native habitats and offers visitors tours and educational outreach.

Anderson said Project Survival would investigate to see if the intern and the other worker who was on-site followed the group's protocols.

"We take every precaution to ensure the safety of our staff, animals and guests," he said in a written statement.;_ylv=3

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Who knew lions can be dangerous?


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These things happen in threes. Everybody be careful.

Woman mauled to death by lion as she made love to boyfriend in Zimbabwe

A woman was mauled to death by a lion as she made love to her boyfriend in Zimbabwe, it has been reported.

The predator attacked the couple at a secluded spot in the bush near the northern town of Kariba Photo: GETTY

By Emily Miller
12:35PM GMT 06 Mar 2013

Sharai Mawera died on Tuesday after the lion pounced as she enjoyed a romantic al fresco moment with her unnamed partner.
The My Zimbabwe news website reported that the predator attacked the couple at a secluded spot in the bush near the northern town of Kariba.
Ms Mawera's boyfriend, who has not been identified, is believed to have jumped up and fled in the nude when the lion lunged forward.
A source told the newspaper the young woman died at the scene.
He said: "Unfortunately the woman was mauled to death by the lion, but her boyfriend managed to escape naked."
A friend of the couple told My Zimbabwe Ms Mawera had worked at the local market and that her partner was a fisherman.
The friend said the couple had met at the same spot before.
"The lion came from behind and roared," the friend was quoted as saying.
The man managed to escape, stopping at a distance to look back and witness his girlfriend being attacked before rushing to the road to seek help, the friend said.
Local police and armed rangers from the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority rushed to the scene, where the source said they fired a single shot - but it was too late for Ms Mawera.
She had been mauled in the neck and stomach, and was covered in bloody bruises, the source said.
Rangers launched a hunt for the lion following the tragedy, amid concern the same animal may have killed a local man who disappeared at the weekend.
The remains of the victim were found on Tuesday on the outskirts of the town, which lies near the Zambezi river. Police believe the man, who has not been named, was mauled by a lion as he walked home from a nightclub.
Zimbabwe's state-controlled Herald newspaper reported that officers believed the fact the woman killed yesterday was mauled rather than eaten suggested the same lion could have been responsible for both attacks and not regained its appetite since devouring part of its first victim.
The newspaper added: "Residents of the town are now living in fear as the lions are still roaming freely as there are yet to be caught."

Ms Mawera's boyfriend, who has not been identified, is believed to have jumped up and fled in the nude when the lion lunged forward.
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These things happen in threes. Everybody be careful.

Feets don't fail me now.
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Lion guy: "Oh yeah? I was balls deep in this bitch and a lion grabbed her by the neck. I finished then he dragged her away...I got the news clipping right here....
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What's black and white and red all over?
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That poor lion in Zimbabwe will be looking for a robe and some broth in a few months. (The AIDS is rampant there, or so I assume based on stereotyping.
Couscous said it was an accident, but they could tell just by looking at him that he was lion.


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Intern in Lion Attack Died of Broken Neck
By RUSSELL GOLDMAN, ANTHONY CASTELLANO and ENJOLI FRANCIS | Good Morning America – 2 hours 1 minute ago
Dianna Hanson, the intern killed by a lion inside an enclosure at a big-cat sanctuary in California, died of a broken neck, a Fresno County coroner said Thursday, although it's still unclear why the lion attacked her.

Fresno County coroner David Hadden told ABC News that he believes a gate or door was left partially open when the 4-year-old male African lion named Cous Cous attacked Hanson Wednesday afternoon.

"The cat had just been fed and there was food in the bowl and the cat had ignored the food in order to have access to this young lady," Hadden said Thursday night.

Fresno County Sheriff's Lt. Patrick Hanson told Thursday night that he "cannot confirm or deny which gates were working or which gates weren't working."

Dianna Hanson, 24, died instantly but Cous Cous caused additional wounds to the woman's body after her death. "She did not suffer. As tragic as this death is, it's important to know that she wasn't alive for a long time," Hadden said.

Lt. Hanson, who's not related to the victim, told that he "cannot confirm or deny which gates were working or which gates weren't working."

Dianna Hanson was reportedly talking on her cell phone with a co-worker at the time of the incident when the call abruptly ended, suggesting Hanson might have been completely caught off guard by the lion. The co-worker grew concerned when Hanson failed to call back, The Associated Press reported.

Another employee tried unsuccessfully to lure Cous Cous away from Hanson and into another enclosure.

Less than 30 minutes after Hanson entered the cage, Cous Cous was shot by a Fresno County sheriff's deputy who responded to a call, authorities said.

The body of the 500-pound lion is now at a vet facility in Tulare County awaiting a necropsy to determine what may have caused the fatal attack.

Hanson was two months into an internship program at the Cat Haven in Dunlap, a small town in Fresno County near King's Canyon National Park, when she was killed.

"Even though she was only with us for a little over two months, she was part of our family," said Wendy Debbas, the president of Project Survival Cat Haven, a non-profit group associated with the sanctuary. "She made instant friendships with everybody up here. Everybody loved her.

"She has songs she made up for each of the cats," Debbas told reporters Thursday. "A cute example of that is we have jaguar cubs named Samba and Rose. Samba's song was not 'La Bamba' but 'La Samba.' And Rose was 'Kissed by a Rose.' And she had songs like that for all of the cats. She was vivacious. She loved her work. She loved big cats."

Hanson's father said Thursday that she never feared working with big cats, but he always feared something might happen to her.

"Anybody who works with cats knows that they are wild animals and they can turn even on people closest to them. So I always had this horrible, nagging premonition that I would get a call like this," Hanson's father, Paul, told ABC News.

Hanson said his daughter loved to be around big cats and that working with them was her true passion in life.

Hanson's grief-stricken father is now left with the question of why his daughter was in the enclosure with the lion. "How she ever got inside the cage and why she would be inside the cage [is unclear], because I thought she made it real clear that they don't let anybody in the cage except the owner," Paul Hanson said.

In a statement on Facebook, Hanson reflected on his daughter's time working at the sanctuary.

"Once there, she gave me the tour and showed me all the big cats there with which she would be working. Of course, Dianna being Dianna, her favorites were the tiger and the lion ... who killed her today," he said.

Dianna Hanson trained with three tigers and a lion while in college at Western Washington State University. She also traveled to Africa to work with large cats, Paul Hanson said.

"Di, we will always love you. And we will miss you so much. But I know that you will be happy. For now, you truly are in the eternal 'Cat Haven,'" Paul Hanson said in the statement.

Cous Cous was raised at the preserve from 8 weeks old, and even made an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" when he was a cub.

Cat Haven was founded in 1993 and is run by Project Survival, a privately funded education and conservation organization.

The 100-acre facility is home to a variety of wild cats -- including tigers, leopards and other threatened and endangered species that are kept for limited breeding and use in educational programs, according to Cat Haven's website.

Officials said the park has had a good history, and had an active permit to operate.

Cat Haven also runs an outreach program, and its "cat ambassadors" may sometimes be taken off-site to make appearances as part of that program, according to the website.

The preserve is run by a core staff supported by volunteers.

ABC News' Larry Dechant and Suzan Clarke contributed to this report.


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Park intern was on phone just before lion attacked

By TRACIE CONE and GOSIA WOZNIACKA | Associated Press – 13 hrs ago

  • View Photo
    Associated Press/Paul Hanson - This undated photo provided by Paul Hanson shows his sister, Dianna Hanson. Dianna Hanson, a 24-year-old intern at the Cat Haven in Dunlap, Calif., was mauled to death by a lion …more
DUNLAP, Calif. (AP) — Authorities say the intern fatally attacked by a lion at a California exotic animal park was talking with a co-worker on the phone in the moments before she was killed.

Fresno County coroner David Hadden said the co-worker became concerned when the conversation ended abruptly and 24-year-old Dianna Hanson failed to call back.

Hadden says Hanson was cleaning an enclosure when investigators believe the lion may have used its paw to lift a partially opened door of a smaller cage, but the investigation continues.

The 550-pound lion broke Hanson's neck with an apparent swipe of the paw.
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There was food in the bowl and the cat had ignored the food in order to have access to this young lady.
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Sounds more like she was a play toy than a meal.