Those asswipes are complaining?

I've done business in Philly for years, and the most remarkable thing outside of the low end, low class atmospere, the cheap, lousy food and the general abandonment of anything good, is, how bad their radio sucks! They have the lousiest stations, the lousiest- I just left the connecticut school of broadcasting- jocks, and I kid you not, 2 weeks ago , I spent the better part of 2 hours trying to find something, anything, that was recorded after 1990, in afternoon drive! And I listen to any shit! I swear I was listening to NPR- JUST TO KEEP FROM GETTING DEPRESSED. I will be spending 2 weeks there this summer on biz, I'm so relieved that I can count on O&A to make the worst trip of the year, livable. Fuck their- we like being losers- attitude, I cant stand a fucking hillbilly, and the thought of enduring their stupidity till they actually get it, is ponderous, it's fucking ponderous. Chris :eek:
Give it some time Broadway. O&A got the same greeting in NY when they came from Boston. They took over the station know for the largest rock n roll library and the home of classic rock and turned it into a talk station. They got the same "Just play music" shit here when they arrived. Give it a few weeks and you will see attitudes change. They took over a classic rock station where people were used to hearing their Van Halen and Aerosmith. It will take time for people to get into the show and enjoy it for what it is. People in general hate change. After the purge you will see the people of Philly who "get it" calling in and thanking O&A for saving them from the crap that was on. It just takes some time.


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you is going to love them in say 2 months


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Buckle your seat belt, it's sure to be a bumpy ride. When they came on in NY, it took me about 3 months to find them funny. I just say thank christ the're being syndicated in Chicago starting Monday. I have to go out that way next week. Other wise I'd be listening to fuckin farmers all day.


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Whoo Hoo Farmers Wow that must be some funny shit to hear...but that is cool you will get to hear them over there

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Damn that sucks that they used the pic SOS has on the WYSP web site....looks like any other zanerific (Ant's word)[insert]wacky horn[/insert] DJ Publicity photo!

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now that philly paper says they're getting $30 million too....hmmmmm ohh ohhh haha ha
Opie and Anthony signed a contract this week with Infinity and WNEW, reportedly worth $30 million, the New York Post reported. Part of the deal, radio insiders say, includes a nationwide syndication deal that will pipe them into 22 markets. *
You knoiw, I'll bet you alkl the gold in Fort Knox that OnA Are gettin 30 million, but they're just downplaying it.

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i can believe it....3 year contract=10 million per year....broken down it doesn't sound as glamorous...gotta figure the 22 markets......sorry brain fart, can't remember where i was going with this....
Thats alot of money for O&A man i wish i made that kinda money. Do you think Opie is gonna marry Sandy now??? Heh heh LOL Im just kidding :D