Those wacky busybodies are at it again...


Your moms box.
Ever since the O&A suspension, where I was fighting the decency police, I've been getting stupid emails from them. Fucking cuntbuckets Here's a new one. Have fun, serious responses only people:

Thursday, November 1, 2007
We thought you'd be interested in this message from Pat Boone and the Parents Television Council:

I'm truly alarmed about the harmful material young people across America are seeing on their TV screens.
If you are, too, please complete the 2007 TV Decency Survey by clicking here today.

I personally sold over 45 million records and made 12 hit movies without once uttering a profanity or participating in the kind of graphic scenes that are now on TV every night!
That's why I'm leading a massive national campaign, sponsored by the Parents Television Council, to persuade the SPONSORS of television programs to restore responsibility and decency to TV programming ...
... but I can’t do it without your help.
We need parents, grandparents and other concerned adults like you to support this effort. More than one million Parents Television Council members have made their voices heard. Our goal is to add an additional five million by the end of 2007.
To take part in this campaign to clean up TV, all you need to do is complete my survey here that addresses your opinions about today’s entertainment industry. With the results from this survey, we hope to convince television sponsors that millions of real people across America –- not just a handful of activists -– are determined to make TV once again safe and suitable for viewers of all ages.
Your opinion counts. The more surveys we have completed, from people like you, the stronger our voice will be in the entertainment industry and especially with the SPONSORS who pay for TV programs.
Your responses from the survey will be tabulated with thousands and hopefully millions of others and the totals will be presented on a regular basis to the top 100 sponsors of television programs.
Make your voice heard by completing the 2007 TV Decency Survey now.
Your support means a lot to me personally -- and will mean so much to America’s younger generation.

Thank you and God bless.

Pat Boone
P.S. Please FORWARD this urgent message to your friends, members of your church, family members -- everyone you feel will be with us in this great cause. Why not go through your email contact list right now and forward this message to as many of your friends as you can?
And to complete the 2007 TV Decency Survey click here: Go directly to Survey!

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A letter from Pat Boone should read like this:
Dear Cunt,

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Pat Boone


You will be molested
and here I thought this thread was going to be about Ant's neighbors


Your moms box.
Oh a Response!

Shitdicks already responded to my survey:

Pat Boone sends you his thanks for adding your name to the PTC’s urgent campaign against TV indecency by completing the 2007 Decency Survey.
The Parents Television Council is not going to let this open assault on the moral standards of the vast majority of Americans go un-challenged.
With your help, we’re demanding that TV SPONSORS take responsibility for the content of the programs they're paying for.
Thanks again!
Please do not respond to this e-mail. It is an automatically-generated message intended to give you immediate confirmation of your grassroots action. If you wish to contact the PTC with comments or questions, please send e-mail to
P.O. BOX 1855
The Parents Television Council adheres to the highest standards of personal privacy protection. To read our full privacy policy statement click here. To unsubscribe from any further e-mails, click here.


Psst... your balls are showing...
ive had a burning hatred for the PTC for a really long time now.... those people need a good fucking and a porn session


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Took the survey and disagreed with everything. Big surprise?


Stand up and Fight!!!
Howie Feltershatch has voiced his opinions regarding the indeciency of the PTC. Oh wait, was I supposed to oppose or suport the PTC?


Hark the sound of Tar Heel voices...
Michael Hunt, my next door neighbor, has also give Mr. Boone his two-cents worth.


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"I hold corporate sponsors and advertisers particularly responsible for the deplorable content of today’s television programs." - WHAT THE FUCK ? THEY ARE JUST TRYING TO MAKE MONEY. ARE YOU SAYING THAT NOW IT IS THE JOB OF THE SPONSOR'S TO CENSOR WHAT GOES ON THE AIR ????

IMHO this survey is out there so they can say that X percent of people surveyd say blah blah blah

<Lil Jimmie Voice>
I hope they slip in a puddle of aids and die
</Lil Jimmie Voice>


Lying causes cat piss smell.
Pat Boone was famous when my father was 5. He should get alzheimers, go into a nursing home, and have Ron Jeremy sodomize him daily.
Pat Boone is nothing more than a media whore. Remember when he released that album of him singing heavy metal songs? Enter sandman was my favorite.
This bitch will jump on any gravy train.

Good ol Pat Boone would take a picture with hitler if given the chance.
7) Too many television programs portray parents and other authority figures such as clergy and police in a strongly negative light, and often present crime, substance abuse and irresponsible sexual behaviors as if they had no negative consequences.
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This is a joke survey, right?