THQ is giving away the PC version of Metro 2033 for free.


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Like the Metro Facebook page.

After you Like the page, load up the App and the STEAM code will be displayed for the PC or you can click on the link and download the game directly from the site.

The offer runs to 16th December 2012.


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Yeah, as much as I like free ...
I remember being excited about this game when they were showing it at a trade show well before the release of FO3. It was going to be like Fallout, but then I found out that it was going to be in Russia like Stalker. I was completely underwhelmed.


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What the heck, it's free so I should give it shot. After playing it for 20 minutes I remembered why I disliked this genre of game, horror FPS like the Resident Evil. Alan Wake, and Dead Space. They give you horrible controls and restrict your field view so it seems like your're viewing everything thru a tunnel. I especially loved the over-the-shoulder perspective of Dead Space that blocked your view of 1/4th of the screen. I guess they think this makes it more scary, but it just annoys the hell out of me. They've made some games that don't use this gimmick like"The Suffering", but those are in the far gaming past.