Three people arrested for 'kidnapping, torture, r8ping and leaving woman for dead'

Police have arrested three people for the kidnapping, **** and torture of an Ohio woman who was found clinging to life on the side of a highway.

Celeste Fronsman, 29, died two days after she was discovered by a passing motorist, and now two women and one man are being held in Stark County jail for the crime.

LaFonse Darney Dixon, 33, and Monica Jean Washington, 24, were charged with aggravated murder, kidnapping and aggrevated arson on Tuesday. The third attacker, Katrina Marie Culberson, 20, was arrested for the same charges last week.

Police have yet to explain why they believe these three people were involved or what, if any, relation they have to the victim.

Makeshift memorial: A cross has been erected at the rural Ohio site Celeste Fronsman, 29, (right) was found screaming for help after being kidnapped, tortured, ***** and left for dead

'It's just too sensitive a case right now to divulge any information,' Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz told The Columbus Dispatch.

The authorities have revealed that they believe Fronsman was only spotted by a motorist after she had crawled about 1,500 feet from the crime scene to the road.

At the time, she was so badly burned that the motorist didn't even know if she was a human being. Doctors determined she had second, third and fourth degree burns over 80 per cent of her body.

The only facts known about the three suspects is that they- as well as the victim- have a long list of prior offenses.

Two of the three: Monica Jean Washington (left) and LaFonse Darney Dixon (right) were both charged with aggravated kidnapping and murder on Tuesday

Culberson, who was the first to be arrested, has at least six prior charges to her name in the last two years. Those charges include soliciting for prostitution, theft and burglary.

In the prostitution case, Culberson pleaded no contest and was sentenced to two months in jail.

Charged: Katrina Marie Culberson, 20, was arrested with the same charges last week

As for the newly-arrested suspects, Washington was arrested twice for disorderly conduct, and Dixon has drug possession, felony endangerment of children.

Police records received by MailOnline show that Ms Fronsman had an extensive criminal history, including a rap sheet with 25 arrests over the past nine years.

Since 2003, she was arrested for a plethora of crimes including prostitution, drug possession and five counts of domestic violence.

Her most recent arrest occurred on May 28 for having drug paraphernalia.

Her sister, Sarah Gulosh, told the Zanesville Times Recorder that despite her trouble with the law, Fronsman was a loving mother and a good sister and never failed to tell her grandparents how much she loved them.

'She was a good person,' she said, adding that Fronsman had a heart of gold.

Gulosh said her sister was left tortured by the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Jordyn, in 2005, and the death of her mother in 2009.

'We always told her she needed to stop what she was doing and ask God for forgiveness,' Gulosh said. 'But she loved God, and she told us she had asked him for forgiveness.'

Desolate: She was found by a truck driver on this stretch of Keyes Road in Muskingum County

Horrific end: Celeste Fronsman, pictured after two separate arrests, was found by an unnamed truck driver naked and covered in burns

Her father told the Columbus Dispatch that he last saw his daughter when she and a friend borrowed his truck, promising to return shortly.

The father, whose name has not been released, said that he contacted authorities that morning.

'This is a vicious animal. They ought to be taken off the street and put away,' he said.

'This is one of the most gruesome things I have ever seen in 23 and a half years in law enforcement,' Mr Lutz said.

'I can't imagine the pain that this lady went through.'

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