Tiger Woods is a daddy


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Ok, the bbboys have said it time and again: mixed race kids end up as supermodels (see Tyra, and nobody ever said anything about smart). So, combine Tiger Woods, a decent-looking (no homo) Asian-African-American with the smoking Nordic nanny.

What % chance are you putting on that little girl being bangin'?


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Id much rather think about the chances of bangin that girl


Considering her mother was murdered by her father it's no wonder why she eats to comfort herself.
So, is the off spring a golfer or not?
good question. tiger himself is only a quarter black, his father was only half, but the colored genes were pretty strong apparently

Rampage jackson the guy who beat the shit out of liddell (twice) has a whiter than white albino kid so anyhtings possible I guess
anyone remember when tiger called himself a caublanaisian, for his caucasian, black and asian background. he dropped that shit after it was laughed at by anyone who heard it