Tim Sappington Murders Horse On Camera with Message 'Fuck You' ARA's

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info from the vid

A shocking video of Tim Sappington shooting a horse to make a point against all animal activists who might get in his way.

He stated "All you animal activists, f$#% you" and then shot the horse at point blank range.

Kill contractor of Valley Meats, Roswell, NM

This should be considered a hate crime against all of us who have spoken out against the Roswell NM horse slaughter house. The only employee of the slaughter house, Valley Meats Co. intends to hire 40-100 people.

What do you expect from, TIM SAPPINGTON; a narcissist, self righteous, bully coward and animal murderer who makes his living from the suffering of horses? He does this everyday; it is nothing to this piece of shit. He is as cold as they come. Obviously ARA's are getting under his skin. Good!! Im am soooo sorry this horse had to be the pawn in the ugly. That horse would had die at his hands anyway, on camera or not.

This subhuman is a psychopath. He has no remorse for what he does. Karma is coming his way.... I feel it. He will pay.... some how, some way.....some day. I hope I am alive to witness it.

Timothy C Sappington, Roswell, NM, 3673 Spring River Rd, 88201
"Timothy Craig Sappington Jr." at 221 Dallas Morgan Road, Dexter, NM 88230 and at 229 Dallas Morgan Road, Dexter, NM 88230. 221 Dallas Morgan Rd. is listed as vacant land and the 229 Dallas Morgan Rd. is a Mobile home..and the picture of the coward shooting the horse shows a mobile home in the background. Y'all are all welcome to share my research in case you would like to go pay him a friendly visit.


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1) He didn't murder a horse. You can't murder an animal, you fucking morons.

2) Fuck thinking a hate crime is having to see something you don't like. You're the victim because he shot a horse on video? Go fuck yourselves.

3) What the fuck else are we going to do with the horses? Unfortunately some have to be slaughtered for various reasons. Can they stay at your house, hippies?

4) Fuck this guy in the video for being obnoxious about killing animals. Sure it has to happen, but he's kind of an asshole.

Conclusion: Both parties suck, but the activists are way more annoying.