TNA: Hardy is back, but which one?


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Jeff is back in TNA
I kid you not
I'm sure he'll be champion within a month. I'd call TNA retarded but even retards would've learned to not hire either of those jackasses by now.
Being a former WWE champion trumps all in TNA, even showing up to a PPV main event so high that there can't be a match, and forcing the company to give customers that ordered the show free subscriptions to their online video service.

Just in case anyone has forgotten, this was the last time we saw Jeff Hardy:



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Wow that was the pay per view main event. You could tell Sting was pissed and Hardy had no idea that was going to happen that fast. I havent watched in a long time but I can understand them having to a refund of some sorts

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Holy fuck I'd never seen that. Sting looked so goddamn fed up/disappointed when he put his hands on his hips and just stared at Jeff.

What is the whole story behind it? Was Jeff supposed to win that night, but they said fuck every bit of that and had Sting retain? Or did they just speed up the conclusion that was always going to happen so that Jeff didn't hurt himself or Sting?