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You are here for a reason. You have reached the best message board in the world and I welcome you with opened arms. Wackbag is greatest, and has the best paople on it, Kind and friendly, and one brilliant webmaster Stingray, and if ever you need anything he is here for you. Fo, Mav, SOS,
Keep on posting your minds and remember God bless America
A friend.
Harry wrote such a nice post that I didn't want to bury it under the new topic. Besides, this is also for all the members of this great board, guests and accidental surfers. This one dude who worked as a sound mixer on The Adventures of Ford Fairlane and a number of other big movies found my Dice website and sent me this link.
Ford Fairlane memorabilia

I can't believe the guy is selling this stuff. If I owned this poster and the guitar, they'd have to tear it from my dead fingers. I'd sell my kidney before I sold this. ;) Too bad I'm kinda low on cash right now so if someone wants to buy this stuff and keep it for me... and then when my movies kill at the box office I'll buy it from you. :D Hopefully by then I'll have my own autographed stuff. But I'll never sell it.
Thanks DH for starting such a nice thread.
And welcome to all new members,guests and others who have found this place. I'm sure you'll like it here.
Feel free to AIM/IM me if you need any assistance.
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