To much Corn is bad for the diet!

Damn it took me all weekend to get the sound of Laura Corn's laugh out of my head and what do I wake up to? The only good rock station down here has a wacky talk show in the morning, that makes Mason and Kalinsky seem funny and their guest this morning was Laura Corn! Don't get me wrong, I like Laura Corn as a guest and the O&A show is always funny when she is on, but they do a good job of limiting her appearances so that it is fresh and not stale. I had to listen to her go on and on about the "What's the number to 911" again. It was torture!

The funny thing is how the stations down here get away with so much more but at the same time can't do certain things that the stations in NY can. Like down here I have heard them say Mike Hunt so many times, but in NY they were not allowed to say it. Down here they wouldn't let Laura say taking it from behind or let the people doing one of her "spices" talk on the air. It is funny how they can get away with saying things that O&A can't but aren't allowed to do other things. I am pretty sure the station is an infinity station too. I also find it so funny how the DJ's here have to explain things so many times. Last week they had the guy from on (yeah I know the South is way behind) and the DJ's had to keep saying the it was not a website about sharks, but about television shows. They said that like every five minutes. And this morning with Laura Corn they had to explain every five minutes that her "Great American sex diet" was not actually a diet! I guess they didn't want all the rubes calling in and complaining they didn't lose weight! LOL


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The Great American Sex Diet....
Me and the guy I'm seeing were reading the book... they had some intersting stuff in it... Wink Wink ;) ;) .....
I look forward to buying the book soon


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I instant feedbacked the boys with this " did anyone use your book to knock the bitch out then have their way with her???"


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Originally posted by imoverherenow:
What would Fofo ever use that book for!?! :rolleyes:
Well the book is just intersting thats all when the time comes with the guy i am seeing we will see what happens...It's cool when you both have the same mind when it comes to cool kinky things like that