To my fellow wackbaggers!!


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Everybody listen up. I love this board. I know you all do too. So let's make more of a consertive fucking effort to post more frequently. I mean jesus christ. I come here to interact with you all and you guy's are never around. except Imoverherenow ofcourse. I am gonna go take a shower. When I get back, there had better be atleast 2 or more replies to this post. Also there had better be 3 or more users online. For christ sake people let's get it together. Get off of your AIM's and start posting. Also the chatroom is working great. Where the fuck are you guy's? let's go!! NUFF SAID!!.P.s: I hate to come off like a dick, But i'm getting pissed!


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Hey Mav I post like a nut also but I am doin my best here to get more people at wackbag I love this place so much it is like my home I do my best to plug it on the chaunce hayden show...I am still trying to get the guts to call some of the WNEW shows but.. I will 1 day and I will plug the site like a fucking nut case
I couldnt have said it better myself MAV.
Fofo has fallen off with her posting though she doesnt post as much. Heh heh LOL


I speak the human language
thanks. Yeah fof pick up the pace hun. lol. Hey I am one to talk, look at my post total. But the reason I have not posted is because either it doesn't get replied to or no one is on the board so I just go offline. I like to make topics that are going to be read and replied to. I alwasy come online and reply to as much as i can. If it's a good topic ofcourse. It seems to me the wrestling forum is making a comeback. The movie forum is kicking alittle. We just need our new members and old members to take the board alttle more seriously and start to post. NEW topics or replies, just fucking post!!! thank you.
Thats no excuse... Heh heh LOL im just messing with you BB glad to see you checking in. Hope everything is going well for you.


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everything is going well I work 42 hours a week and get paid $8 an hour and everyone at work is super dooper nice...I just really miss everyone I don't talk to n e one that much n e more...fofo and I talk sometimes and I talk to the guy I am seeing sometimes and thats about it. I miss you guys and I love you all!


I speak the human language
When did this turn into a babybunni job story. By the way get to posting you bastards!! fuck shit cock and ass ballsonya vagina with a side salad tossed preferably. WOW


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Hey I post when I could . I will try but I am too busy trying to promotr this site lol Ill try more better
Do the best I can - me, Harry (Rob) and our son all share the puter, and once our son gets on, he never gets off - LOL - I am dead serious!!! - Ask Harry


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(