Todays show is hysterical

Between the Kelly Rippa segment (she was very cool, and has to come back after the baby's born..) and Jay and Norton's comments.
one of the best shows in awhile.
The best was Ant as Bob Murphy and Mohr as Harry Carey...Too funny.
They're going out with a bang.


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That was a great show. They ain't going anywhere. They will be back, let them take a vacation until the contract situation is done with. As long as I know they will be back in New York, I can careless. Hyterical fucking show though. I think half the city busted a lung when Anthony said in Bob Murphy style: " she's got four ball's on her, but she ain't walking nowhere" lmao, that line killed and so did Jay Mohr.
Yes it was a funny show you gotta love when Jay Mohr is on the show and Norton too.


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The show was funny as hell today I loved it...
I was dying when norton vented about the kids in school killing themselves
that shit was funny
You're right Mav,
They're not going anywhere. They can't leave NY. Fofo I forgot about that Norton bit, up to his usual standards!
This week is just gonna get better.
Thanks for all who responded to my first post. I feel at home.
SCB :)


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No problem bro, anyone who has a reference to alcohol and the name Billy in his board name, will always be A-OK in my book. :D

Don't forget to watch live with Jay Mohr and Kelly Ripa. I am sure he'll sneak a plug in there. I just don't think I'll wake up for it. I hope to. If we miss it, I'm sure we will hear all about it on the show. Once again Jay, Ant, Norton, and Opie (who had a great begining to the show, cursing everyone out) fucking killed today. :D
I dont think there going anywhere either. While i think they are out of WNEW they are gonna be signed by some other station here in NYC. Maybe Q104.3 or 95.5 WPLJ they said strict rules but they would have freedom and thats a step in the right direction.


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If you were listening to the end of the show today, they were crcking on Howard alittle. Opie said he hopes they are not dumping out, cause they are allowed to do that now. The guys are really confusing me, I won't pretend like I know what's going on, I have no clue. I just hope they settle shit with WNEW and stay there. Ofcourse I hope they have all the freedom they desire, otherwise fuck WNEW.


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Yesterday, or the day before yesterday they, when the druje Jr(sp) called they didn't say no when he mention them moving to the Q.I think today we will know what the f is going to happen to them and if they are going to stay there in wnew. Today is the last day of the contract, and i don't think they will do a show tomorrow.