Today's XM show instant classic.... (6/15)


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Alot of us here are diehard fans and love most shows for many reasons well today's show would be funny to most anyone who enjoys hearing comics rip each other apart. So many back and forth insults, it was hard to keep up. If you missed the XM show today, you have to hear it. I hope others will post here and write how they felt about today's show. What a way to come back...


Todays show was amazing. What a f'n comeback.. Even Vos kicked ass the whole time!
When they started playing ecstasy i got chills. It was great to hear them on XM, they were really on top of their game..
They kicked the shit out of each other pretty good, the old audio of Ant and his bro made me cringe....
My hats off to the boys!


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This probably was the best show I've heard since the boys went to FM.


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DAMMIT, I missed it, have to download it and listen!


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That Was So Funny When Patrice Said To Bobby Know Your Just Absoulutly Fat
I just woke up...
Did they play the old audio of Anthony's first show?
With all the comics in to rip Ant apart?

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Yeah man! Vos fuckin killed today. And the boys knew the fans would love to hear all those fuckers smashin them for Ants first appearance on Opie's show. What a cool show to throw our way!

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Man, I can wait, im just listening to todays show, about 5 minutes in :)


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A date which will live in infamy.


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This may have been the best show ever! The show just got better and better as the time past. GREAT to have you back guy! Thank GOD!
I haven't been glued to a single show from start to finish in ages. It didn't even have anything to do with being back on XM, they just killed starting from the beginning


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Todays FM show on the other hand...abysmal! Almost put me into a coma!


how do I download???


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Im so glad I took the day off from work, I just soaked in all the goodness!

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Vos was great. When he said that the only way someone would know who old Anthony was , was by needing their AC fixed, or by calling the Culligan man. Or Anthony's future plugs included working in someone's attic.
These lines were too good to retell, which I did poorly, but I can't remember laughing so hard.


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what a great come back to XM. hopefully there won't be any more shit with them getting suspended again


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what a great come back to XM. hopefully there won't be any more shit with them getting suspended again
I am sure XM will find something down the road, but, WE ALWAYS WIN IN THE END! :action-sm


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Todays FM show on the other hand...abysmal! Almost put me into a coma!
Jesus christ.. read the fucking thread title. why bother with that shit, does someone always have to be so fucking negative?

This is the shit they're always talking about, the show absolutely kills today from 6:00am to 11:40, and you have to pick out the part you think sucked and go out of your way to voice it. Next time stand up for the part you loved, like the guy who started the thread did, or shut the fuck up.

It's a fucking fan site. Fuck that's annoying