Todd Glass comes out on WTFPod


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David Spade left Todd this Voicemail, and it's the funniest thing he's done since Tommy Boy


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It was actually a really good interview. And interesting because he's one of those Chuck Pahlaniuk types that just doesn't come across as gay at all.

I'd actually really love to hear him come on R&F and say some of those things in Fez's presence.


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Oooh, Marc Maron had something interesting on his podcast? It's about time. I stopped listening over the summer when it became nothing but advertisements not so cleverly disguised as phone calls for the first 20 minutes.


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I went and checked it out after Bert Kreischer was talking about it on the death squad podcast.
Very good interview from start to finish.
I figured it would be very sensationalistic and dull but Maron really did a great job guiding the interview and picking his brain.
I only listened to Maron's Louis CK episode, which was amazing. Had no idea Todd Glass was gay. Maron is getting all the scoops!