Toddler Drowns in Washer

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Must've had it set to glub glub.

Yahoo News said:
Toddler's Tragic Washing Machine Accident Sends Warning to Parents

By Piper Weiss, Shine Staff | Parenting – 7 hours ago

An Oregon family is devastated after a tragic accident took the life of their toddler. Tiffany Hebb was doing laundry, while her 21-month-old Ollie kept her company. When she left the room briefly, he crawled into the washing machine and drowned.

A frantic Hebb found her son minutes later trapped in the water-filled basin and tried desperately to resuscitate him. After suffering severe brain damage, he died the following day in the hospital.

"It was the worst day of my life," the grieving mother told a local Fox affiliate through tears. Now Tiffany and her husband Chris are on a mission to educate parents about the dangers of the seemingly innocuous household appliance.

"I want to make mothers and fathers aware that it's a possibility," she said.

Between 2005 and 2009, two children under the age of five lost their lives in laundry room accidents, according to a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commision. In a 2003 review, two deaths and an estimated 500 other injuries to children were attributed to washing machine-related accidents. Most kids were between the ages of 1 and 2, and fell victim to a range of injuries including fractures, amputations and even drowning.

Some of potential washing machine hazards, according to the report:
  • Drowning after getting locked inside the machine
  • Injuries jumping or falling off the top of the machine
  • Heated water from the machine causing burns
  • Getting limbs caught in the motorized spinning basin

The biggest problem when the CPSC conducted their review back in 2003, is still a problem now: lack of education. The report at the time acknowledged that more public education is needed so parents can prevent these kinds of injuries. Ever the vigilant mother, Hebb spent the first year of her son's life guarding him from every household danger she was warned about. She said she never expected the washer would be the biggest threat.

Despite improved safety functions on automatic washing machines, the best prevention from injury is keeping kids far away from the laundry room altogether. (Even if the washing machine is avoided, the scalding hot dryer can be just as dangerous.) Unfortunately many parents aren't aware of the risks.

"Believe it or not, a small child can drown in as little as an inch or two of water," warns Home Safety Council's Mary Kay Appy in a safety video featured on Good Housekeeping. "They're top heavy -- their head goes into the bucket but they don't have the upper body strength to pull themselves out."

Appy encourages parents to invest in washers and dryers with built-in child safety locks. Another safety measure: install locks or child safety knobs to the laundry room door. A little extra child-proofing could save a life.
"It was the worst day of my life," the grieving mother told a local Fox affiliate through tears.
"Second only to the time I lost my favorite marble."

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Having raised a child, I never seemed to have a problem understanding something that could be hazardous to her. Water being one of the easiest ones. A bucket of water, dangerous. The kid in the tub, dangerous, never left her unattended. Swimming pool, yeah, I watched her like a hawk. Washing machine, again, water...dangerous.

There are just some forms of stupid you can't fix. Leaving a toddler alone with a wash basin full of water is pretty much a Darwin moment. You may have missed your moment of Darwinism before you had a chance to breed, but your stupid off spring didn't.

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Okay, I did three, now I'm afraid this will be seen as unfunny, and people will demand I punch myself in the balls.

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Lord Zero

Viciously Silly
Headline: Man Loses Hands In Farm Machinery Accident

Okay, I did three, now I'm afraid this will be seen as unfunny, and people will demand I punch myself in the balls.
I like it.


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I bet the kid was giggling all the way down the washboard.

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Great, now I'm going to have to suffer with more lockout systems on my future washing machines because this asshole couldn't keep her retard out of the machine.

I wonder if she tossed it in there to get rid of it. Makes more sense than drowning them in a tub or driving into a lake.


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Before reading the article I assumed the washer was running, the kid got up on the counter and opened the lid, fell in, and the lid closed starting the washer back up. Even though that didn't happen I'm suprised that washers are designed in such a way that it could happen, at least mine is.


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Wait....was this a top loading or front loading machine? Top loader....How did the kid get on top of the washer? They educate parents about water and infants drowning in less than an inch before they can take the infant home..... Front Loader....the door would have to closed behind him for water to be in the machine. Sounds like a person trying to make lemonaid out of lemons.