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I have the t-shirt
I recently bought this shirt from Tshirt Hell:

I wore it to a couple of places here in town. I got a couple of confused looks from people, but no reactions worth mentioning. This past weekend, I wore it in a liberal college town.

I visited my brother in Columbus, OH (Home of OSU). We were getting ready to go to Schmidt's Sausage House (as seen on Man vs. Food) when he saw that I had put on that shirt. He said, "Are you wearing that?" I said, "Yes, what's the problem?" He said, "There's a lot more gay people here than there are back home." I said, "Well, they'll just have to accept me for who I am."

We walk into the restaurant and as we are being led to our table, a waiter sees my shirt and stops dead in his tracks. A look of utter disgust came over his face (if you'll pardon the expression) as he turned around and walked back the way he came. As we sit down, there was a lesbian couple sitting to the left of us. I didn't notice them right off, but my wife was trying to get my attention and kind of nodded in their direction. I looked and saw lasers getting stared through me. As I went to the sausage buffet (if you'll pardon the expression) only one person that saw my shirt laughed. The rest were just glaring and shaking their head. A few more waiters that weren't working our section had found a reason to walk past our table for some reason.

About halfway through our meal, a male/female couple sat at the table next to us. They looked like they just got back from the NATO protests. They both looked at my shirt and stared coldly at me. They muttered something, got the waitress's attention and moved to another table. As I went back for seconds on the buffet, I saw the couple at a different table, still staring at me. I could tell the guy so badly wanted to say something to me, but he didn't have the balls.

I guess hetero-phobia is still alive and well in 2012.

With that said, Schmidt's is awesome. The Bahama Mamma sausage is fantastic. Our waitress was great. Also when in Columbus, I recommend eating at Thurman's (also featured on Man vs. Food). I got a Thurman Burger. I ate the entire thing and damn near needed an episiotomy to get rid of it the next day. We went to Jeni's Ice Cream and I had Goat Cheese and Cherries ice cream. It was really good.

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I had an uneventful day too. Maybe I should start a thread about it.


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Maybe they were just ashamed that a grown ass man would wear such a silly shirt. Or they really knew the truth about you and considered your shirt an affront to your self respect and dignity.

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You went to a sausage buffet, sounds like someone's in denial. :action-sm


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They probably made your sosich with the special sauce.

The secret ingrediant is "Love."


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you're only allowed to be proud of yourself if you're not a heterosexual white male, don't you know that? asshole.


ITT: Guy wears provocative shirt, acts surprised when people are provoked.
Bingo. My dad used to wear a shirt that said "Politically Incorrect" on it to places where he knew people would get annoyed at it.

I do see what he is saying, though. It's ok to be proud of homosexuality but not of heterosexuality? I bet most people who glared at him didn't even understand the point, though. Because everything is always about them, then that shirt has to be mocking their homosexuality somehow instead of just representing the person wearing it. Frankly, if I wore a shirt like that somewhere I'd do it looking to annoy people.


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I don't see why that shirt should bother anyone. I think it's kind of funny.
Guys in sausage houses are too sensitive.


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I had a dumb shirt that said "I eat glue" and every fucking time would wear it I would get the same fucking asshole making the same stupid joke asking if I really ate glue. It got to the point where I stopped wearing it because people are cunts.


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I saw that shirt on the site.

Thought it was funny as shit.

Don't see why people would be offended by it. It is probably one of the tamest things you could order from there...

However, I am willing to bet that you wore it their specifically hoping you would get some idiotic college liberal to argue with you so that you could post the story here and get a whole bunch of "attaboys"

You are a disgusting attention whore trying to impress a bunch of idiots on a shock jock message board....


I got berated by some idiot for wearing a t-shirt that said "Rehab is for Quitters." I didn't give a shit.


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There are only 2 types of people who should wear novelty shirts. Stupid teenagers and old fat guys. If you fall in between those two categories, either throw out the gimmick shirts or kill yourself.


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What are the odds that no one cared and the OP wants to sound like a big man?


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I would guess that a gay guy wearing a gay shirt views it as being proud to be gay, but views a straight guy wearing a straight shirt as being proud to NOT be gay.


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What are the odds that no one cared and the OP wants to sound like a big man?
Pretty high but I dont doubt it. I drove route 80 from coast to coast while wearing black nail polish and rocking black/purple hair. Every place we stopped between Nevada and New Jersey it was like I was a museum exhibit. Cheyenne Wyoming and some small town outside Lincoln Nebraska were especially interesting.


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The OP was starting to feel pretty good about himself, good thing Wackbag stomped all over his nuts so he can become a self-deprecating masochist like the rest of us. Good work Bag!


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Wear the shirt inside-out, see if you feel gayer.


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But still, fletcher. I think there's a difference between going around small towns dressed to freak out the squares and going to a college town wearing a shirt that says Straight and having an entire diner of presumably younger people stop what they're doing as though you were a gunslinger entering a wild west saloon. Did an Ani DeFranco record skip in mid song as you walked through the door?

I also find it interesting that the straight colors are similar to the asexual colors.

But don't worry Biff, you're doing God's working bucking the system and pointing out hypocrisy using the goofy shirt method.