Tom Cruise is the Mayor of Crazytown [ The Scientology indoctrination Video].


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I couldn't even hear what he was saying. Nobody cares, Tom.


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"The Crossbow Project-Because a great defense is a good offense." I think maybe 2 people will get that.

He sounds like a medieval Catholic. Proclaim your faith or die. Has anyone ever met one? I'm pretty sure I haven't.


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What the fuck.....


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Thats a joke right?Please tell me that is a joke!!!!!!!!!1


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urgh.... enough with this annoying shitdick.

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Yeah the guy's beliefs are absurd but it offends me that he's considered a lunatic, but similar nuts who believe in water-walking and dead-raising and bread-and-fish making are considered pious


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wow, apparently, his little minions at the fucking cult he is affiliated with have really gone to great links to avoid people seeing that. Every link I have tried has been removed. Boys, can we go hunting for Scientologists?? PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!


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Wow, The Scientologists are fast; "Content Removed".


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Wow! I can't wait to see this new Tom Cruise sci-fi movie that this clip is from!


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Everyone please pay a visit to that is all.

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I didn't see this in the original video. Tom Cruise doing a sort of Sig Heil to the Fuhrer LRH.
It's only about 30 seconds long.

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Hey, BCH: Will you post Wackbag's Cease and Desist Letter when you get it?


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hey's an idea. Go and spread your "love" and theory of solitude to those inbred fucks in the middle east. Quit wasting your time in your perfect little world and go and get you and your followers heads cut off.......please!

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#18 and have that video and a bunch more, and they're not taking them down even after legal threats from that pack of assholes. Apparently there's an hour's worth of this dreck. This is going to hurt them more than jumping on Oprah's couch. Nothing's ever going to embarrass a Scientologist, but if this prevents more people from falling into this insane cult, good. That stupid 9/11 detox thing alone earns them a place in hell. Not to mention Battlefield Earth.


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This one video I had originally found on really freaked me out.



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I ammended the first post to reflect one of the only remaining working links to this video on gawker.


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Bump! This one's crazier.



Shit, what a difference lack of PR can make. How the fuck is NO ONE calling him out on this bullshit to his face? God bless Matt and Trey for their efforts; I am all for respecting someone's religious differences, but Scientology I just can't get behind.