Tom from Myspace


opant: shut up patti
has sent lil ol' me!! a friend request. well aren't i special ??!! :icon_mrgr


Why do black people call each other "Monica"?
LOL he sends ever one a request.

Kris_LTRMa's Ma
make sure you wear your special people helmet when you ride the bus tonight Patti :action-sm
Tom has the lamest page on Myspace. I deleted the unoriginal dullard.


In The Danger Zone...
Wackbag Staff
I'd rather have no friends than that kid toucher on my list.
tom's my favourite. My only friend.

(my myspace is back.. spam me!)
Was it weird fake tom with only 2 friends? I got a friend request from this tom imposter.

N.Y. Johnny

Fake Twitter Friend
Tom is a kid toucher, I took him off the list...we can't be fake friends.

Think about it. Tom joins everyones list as a friend and he can see your private photos. He probably jacks off to our kid's birthday's photos and all the pre teens pics. Sick fuck Tom.


don't get any cucks on your wee
I used to keep this creep on my list but you guys have shown me the error in my ways. GOOD BYE TOM. and does anyone know how to stop spamers from sending friend requests